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A Month Ago Today . . .

It was Christmas. It’s hard to believe that it was 4 weeks ago already, isn’t it? I thought the weeks leading up to Christmas went by fast, but January seems to be rolling along at the same breakneak speed.

We are now officially one month and a few days into winter of 2012. We are 25 days into the New Year, and looking ahead to February. Next week is one our favorite holidays …no not the Super Bowl but Groundhog Day. We thoroughly enjoy the fanfare and fun this rodent creates in a high-tech, 21st century world. This winter’s weather has been a bit odd to say the least, so I’m eagerly awaiting what this famous groundhog may “predict” as he is coaxed, or more likely grabbed out of his warm, dark home.

Has this month gone by fast for you? Or do you tend to hibernate in the winter, counting the days until spring makes its appearance? I prefer to stay active in the winter, heading outdoors whenever it’s not too cold, and take advantage of any snowy days that come my way. But I must admit, by March, I’m ready for the snow to leave and warmer days to come.

What are your predictions? Do you think winter will make a come back on the East Coast and give the West Coast a bit of a break? Or will the groundhog not see his shadow, which means spring supposedly will come early?

Give us your predictions and thoughts, and then check out what we’re predicting and stay tuned for more fun, facts and trivia about Groundhog Day.


1 John { 01.28.12 at 8:56 am }

Hi Sandi,

Let me start off by saying, I was never a big fan of the almanac until i ran into a friend of friend who had some very positive things to say to me about the almanac. I plan on purchasing one!!!……. I agree, getting out and keeping active in the winter months can be alot of fun, but i have to say that some of these warmer days that we have had are making me waiting on spring time!!…..I think the winter weather is just about over, and spring is coming fast!! ..Cant wait to see what it says in the almanac!!

2 yoverizon { 01.25.12 at 6:45 pm }

Im actually sick of the warm temps. In Virginia where I live we havent had any snow yet.. I sure hope February will bring a change. Crossing my fingers for Groundhog Day!

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