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Posted By: undercover921  Posted On: Mar 18th, 2010  Filed Under: General

For me all the new post are at the bottom of my screen and the older ones at the top in the forum. I thought before the new ones were at the top. 

  1. admin says:

    Hi Under Cover,

    Ask and you shall receive — we've set the sorting options to “newest” first. Thanks for alerting us to this!

    Farmers' Almanac Staff

  2. Grandin says:

    Good request undercover. and thank you FA for making the newest forms on top. i was getting confused on where the new posts and replys where too.

  3. undercover921 says:

    FA Admin,

    We have sort the right way which shows the new posting on the top when you look inside the forum (weather) , but inside the posting like this one the new post reply is first. So if you have a have posting a with couple pages which I have seen then the first pst would be last and maybe 2 to 3 pages behind.

    The way you have it right now the post are moving down as the new replies come in. So you have people reading replies first and looking down for the original post to understand the replies. Which some posting were sometimes 2,3 and 4 pages.

    The old way for the Forum App.. had the new posting on the top and replies going down, so read the post and read the replies going downward.

    I believe the correct way is posting are always on top and replies would follow. This you are not reading from bottom to up.

    If anyone else please comment, .. Also the design is great looking again and features are great!  Cool

  4. admin says:

    Hey Under Cover — How's this?

    Farmers' Almanac Staff

  5. undercover921 says:

    You Got It Right…. Really much better, thanks!  Smile Wink

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