Warm Weather Here

Posted By: interstatelover716  Posted On: Mar 18th, 2010  Filed Under: Weather

Here in Bethel, CT the temp is amazing. it is 74 degrees here now and will be even warmer tomorrow. What is this? Can somebody explain it?

  1. weaps says:

    Spring coming in full force… Yeah Baby!  Cool

  2. Grandin says:

    Same here it's real nice out today it was 69 degrees today. and tomorrow it will be 72 BUT this weekend and on threw next week the temps are gonna tank big time and might see some snow BOO! Bt spring will be here shortly to stay not just visit haha

  3. TheMaineMan says:

    I've heard about a possible temperature drop next week too… not too cold… just seasonable. Then it looks to pick back up, followed by another drop at the end of the month and possibly even some snow in the March 28-30 timeframe.

    Until then… in the 50s here. Cool

  4. TheMaineMan says:

    Just got the local forecast:

    Look at the difference between tomorrow and the end of next week. Wow! Those temperatures at the end of next week, if they verify, would actually be seasonable. Tomorrow will be a record high if it verifies (record is 57).

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