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I apologize for my absence, I hope I haven't Let Anybody Down.  My PC was having some trouble, but I plan to Have the Summer Outlook/Hurricane Outlook Completed and Posted In April at Latest.  Also, I want to apologize if I sound too “dominating” at times.  There are forecasters on this forum who are FANTASTIC, I feel guilty if I brought anyone down, we are all equal, no one is better than another.  I'm not Fishing for Compliments, nor am I trying to be a “suck up”.  I just would Like to know if anyone has any problems with me, and how I can fix them.

Many Thanks, You Folks Rock!

Phil (aka, wjp)Laughing

  1. Grandin says:

    The pimp daddy mac phil is back.. Welcome back bro and no onned to be sorry computers can suck at times. And u and fatherfrost are the best in my eyes. I am greatful i have your friendship and and allso greatful you share your weather skills with me and the bloogers on here u and fatherfrost are a big help to me bro. And awsome ill be on the look out for your summer/Hurricane maps in april sometime. When u get the chance u should look at my 'signs of spring' blog i took some pictures of my wifes garden they came out good. Anyways welcome back Phil..

  2. Grandin says:

    wjp2011111 said:Thanks :)  I'll take a look :D

    No problem dude. and awsome i hope u like the blog. I'm going to bed man have a good one. And welcome back once again dude.

  3. MSSouthernGirl says:

    Good to see you back Phil. In my mind you have a great demeanor…not pushy or dominating…you just know your stuff is all. Nothing wrong with that. From what I can see there is a consensus of respect for you and your knowledge on this board. I know I feel that way.  Plus you are a pretty nice guy or you wouldn't even be concerned about coming off as dominating. It is even nice to here you and Okie batt stuff back and forth. I, for one, have learned a lot of interesting things from those exchanges as well as your other posts. I am happy you are a part of this forum. Isn't the same without you.

  4. wjp2011111 says:

    Thanks, really appriciatedLaughing.  You folks on this forum are the Kindest of any forum I've been on, it shows how great this place is.

  5. TheMaineMan says:

    Hey Phil… glad to see you here again! How's the weather been in your area? I imagine that even if it's warmed up a lot there's probably still a lot of snow left.

    And MSgirl is right, you're not pushy or cocky, you're just a good forecaster. I know that my area wasn't too kind to you this year, but everyone except the NOAA busted it this year so I can't hold it against you because just about everyone else was in the same boat. Smile

    I'm looking forward to your summer outlook. Laughing

  6. Flake Fan says:

    All of my words have been stolen away by MSgirl and TheMaineMan, Tongue out, it's good to have you back. – I live around plenty of cocky people, you are definately not one of them!

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