The Year Without a Summer

Posted By: Flake Fan  Posted On: Mar 23rd, 2010  Filed Under: Weather

I am sure you've seen the Farmers' Almanac atricle on this by now, and I think it's quite interesting. I, for one, am quite glad I read the spring and summer outlook full of “hot” and strong thunderstorms for me. Had I not, I would have most definately thought they were aludeing to something. Even for a second my heart skipped a beat…I could not bear a year without a summer, again! Did anybody else make the same mistake? :)

  1. TheMaineMan says:

    Sounds like that summer was colder than this winter was, lol.

    Must have been terrible for everyone, especially farmers. I heard that the temperatures were quite volatile that year… you could have a 90 degree day followed by a 30 degree day. Crazy!

  2. Flake Fan says:

    It does not surprise me, last winter there were days when a cold front would come through and the temperatures wer ein the 60's and one time it was in the 70's then the temperature dropped about 20 degrees with the first gust from the north, then dropped to right around 0 during the overnight period.

  3. FatherFrost says:

    Ah…the year without a summer. A volcanic eruption blocked much of the Sun's energy causing a temporary return of “Little Ice Age” weather patterns.

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