Posted By: Rowdy  Posted On: Apr 17th, 2010  Filed Under: Home & Garden

My wife has a couple of Roses growing and it seems that some ANTS has took up homestead .What do I do without killing the Roses?Any info would be appreciated , I really don't want to move them unless I just have to.THANKS and GOD BLESS.

  1. zip says:

    Try warm soapy water poured directly on the mound. Ants have a wax coating which protects them. The soapy water will take the wax off and kill them. This also works on red wasps.

  2. snowbunny says:

    Grits…the ants take the grits back to the colony, eat them, and they explode upon digestion… sounds gruesome, but it works! just make sure you tie reflective ribbon nearby to scare the birds away until all the grits are eaten… you dont want any innocent bystanders…. happy hunting!

  3. Rowdy says:

    Thank yaw very much I will give it a try .We just didn't want to have to move the Rose. GOD BLESS you all,Rick from Mississippi

  4. moore478 says:

    Killing the ants will not solve your problem as it will come back for sure with vengeance. Ants are natural in gardens and help on propagating the seeds of flowers. They are attracted to flowers and bushes for the sweetness it gets and in return step on the seeds and propagate it. 

    But if you really need to get rid of the ants and other insects, you can have a pepper mixture and spray them on your roses trunks. To have that mixture, mix pepper powder to a cup of water. Good luck. Smile

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