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This is the national temperature outlook map:

This takes into account the demise of the current El Nino, speed of formation for the La Nina, Solar Forcing, Volcanic activity, natural atmospheric cycles, etc.

This does go completely against the NWS CFS forecast which calles for a very cool summer across the Nations midsection and interior eastern seaboard….The only thing I agree with in that forecast is that I think it will be an overall wet year again.

My Precipitation, Hurricane, and Tornado Threat/Severe Wx outlook maps will be out soon.

  1. Grandin says:

    Awsome map fatherfrost. Cant wait for the other ones to arrive.. and awsome i hope the heat waves come back too

  2. MSSouthernGirl says:

    Love the map FatherFrost. Sometimes the truth hurts. The wording on above average temps is right over my area! Hate that we are going to have such a hot summer. Maybe I need to move to the Pacific North West. Looking forward to your additional maps! Smile

  3. TheMaineMan says:

    Thanks for the map… I like the idea of close to average temperatures. Hopefully we'll get a decent amount of rainfall, but not way too much like last year!

  4. spellbound says:

    Great map, I hate heatwaves.  I hope if there is one it's a quick one .  My luck it will not be.  Snow anyone ???  LOL

  5. Flake Fan says:

    I'm sure the power companies will be fat and happy by autumn, but I think they deserve it since I had the AC on for about 3 weeks last year, and we didn't even have a real indian summer! :( I'm not sure if it will be quite that extreme, but over all I see this coming true.

  6. Blizzardlord says:

    i'd like to have some heat for my area this summer. nice map fatherfrost.

  7. humidtyhater says:

    thanks for the outlook this is not what i wanted i HATE high temps and dam humidity last summer was perfect nice and cool this summer looks to be very uncomfortable Any chance for an outlook with RELIEF!! 

  8. TheMaineMan says:

    Where are you from humidityhater?

    I dislike high heat and humidity too. Of course, I'm from an area where people consider 75 degrees to be quite warm, and 40 degrees to be comfortable. I'd rather tolerate a 0 degree day than a 90 degree day.

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