South tornado Outbreak

Posted By: Blizzardlord  Posted On: Apr 22nd, 2010  Filed Under: Weather

i hope all of you in the lower mississippi river valley are getting ready for a tornado outbreak expected tomorrow. they are saying dangerous thunderstorms are expected to develope with possibly long-lived tornadoes, hail greater than the size of golf balls, and winds exceeding over 80 mph. I hope all of you stay safe in what is suppose to be an outbreak tomorrow

  1. FatherFrost says:

    Oh my god! I'm glad I live on the eastern side of the mountains! :(

  2. Flake Fan says:

    Yesterday you would wonder why the SPC painted a risk there at all. Some models showed nothing in the south at all, not sure about this morning, but I'm not sure putting a hatched moderate risk for tornadoes was the best idea.

  3. TheMaineMan says:

    Yikes, that sounds awful… everyone in that area be careful and take precautions. If I ever found out a tornado or hail was coming at my town, I think I'd freak out.

  4. Blizzardlord says:

    the outbreak has started now. 3 tornado watches right now at 5:13 pm. i was surprised yesterday in some photos of tornadoes in kansas and texas.

  5. Flake Fan says:

    Lots of rain, MaineMan, I hope you wouldn't cower in a basement if you heard the sirens going off in Kansas. Everybody just watches the news or goes outside ALWAYS before taking shelter. :) Not a good idea, but they go off all the time, and only one rotating supercell has gone over my house in my lifetime.

  6. MSSouthernGirl says:

    I'm right in the middle of the warned area. We had a tornado watch from 3 PM yesterday that they extended to 3 AM this morning. NWS posted another one just a few minutes ago. Everything Blizzardlord mentioned is detailed in today's advisory.   Right now we have 93% humidity with a dew point of 67 degrees with rumbles of thunder.

    We've had bad weather down here in the past and these scenarios do make me a little nervous, especially since I now live in an area with no siren warning system. 


  7. Blizzardlord says:

    there are 4 tornado watches now in effect as of 9:07 am EST. 2 of which are put down as PDS boxes. Horrible, destructive outbreak today, especially for MS, TN, and AL. High risk of severe weather.

  8. snowbunny says:

    My prayers go out to you MSSouthernGirl, and everyone in the area…..I lived in Williston, ND, with my father a couple years during my childhood, and while one summer a cell passed over the house and touched onto an abondoned property (no abandoned cars equipment, etc there, thank God)… it was always nerve racking to hear the reports come in as the horizon went green..we didnt have a siren either, and I just dont know why on earth our government will spend billions on their delicate turbines for wind farms, then deny townships a siren system…oh, well… take care and stick to the radio…

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