Impatient for blooming times

Posted By: snowbunny  Posted On: Apr 24th, 2010  Filed Under: Home & Garden

Last summer was the first time I had a backyard- and so, I made the most of it, planting and tilling around the base of what, during the fall and winter, looked like nothing but a big ugly, thorny tree…my largest is about 60ft tall…. Up here in Maine, last summer was rainy as the days were long, and whayda know, that ugly tree started blooming gorgeous, fragrant flowers…. and what a misnomer! Why would anyone call a tree with foliage and flowers like that above all things..LOCUST ? But thats beside the point… right now there are no leaves on the tree and while all the silver maples and all their little helicopter pest are sprouting leaves (…oh, yay.) the locusts in my backyard are skeletal.. I hope I didnt do any damage to them by planting other things around it… if their roots behave like the willow and just spread laterally…  SO .. my question are:…1>) what is the normal time (in CentralMaine) for a locust to start spreading leaves and such, and 2.) what can I do… or not do, to help them thrive?

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