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Posted By: dchase  Posted On: Jun 7th, 2010  Filed Under: Home & Garden

Hi everyone, new to this site. Was wondering if anyone out there knows how to get rid of end blossom rot on squash. Having this problem for the third year now.


  1. andrewodom says:

    Before we go into how to cure BER, let's make sure what you are seeing really is blossom end rot.

    A bit of a disorder with tomato, squash, pepper, and other fruiting veggies, the most obvious sign is a dry sunken decay on the blossom end (opposite the stem) of the fruit. This is not a pest, parasite or disease process but is a physiological problem caused by a low level of calcium in the fruit itself.

    See, calcium is required in relatively large concentrations for normal cell growth. When a rapidly growing fruit is deprived of calcium, the tissues break down, leaving the lesion at the blossom end. BER develops when the fruit's demand for calcium exceeds the supply in the soil. This may result from low calcium levels in the soil, drought stress, excessive soil moisture, and/or fluctuations due to rain or overwatering . These conditions reduce the uptake and movement of calcium into the plant, or rapid, vegetative growth due to excessive nitrogen fertilization.

    Adequate preparation of the garden bed prior to planting is the key to preventing BER. Insure adequately draining soil in the bed by adding needed ammendments, maintain the soil pH around 6.5 or so. Lime, composted manures or bone meal will supply calcium but take time to work so must be applied prior to planting.

    Once the problem develops, quick fixes are difficult. Stabilize the moisture level as much as possible. You can also try powdered milk, crushed egg shells, bone meal tea, Tums….really anything that will absorb calcium and moisture. Prevention really is key though. If at all possible remove the affected fruit from the plant to reduce stress.

  2. tomato_guy says:

    I also found that adding lime to the soil helps. It cured the blossom end rot on my tomatoes.

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