June frost, but very early strawberries and fireflies

Posted By: TheMaineMan  Posted On: Jun 12th, 2010  Filed Under: Weather

Last week my thermometer went down to 41 degrees, and I saw areas of patchy frost. A warning was never issued, but greenery seems to be alright. Frost in June is uncommon, but not rare.

In spite of this cold snap, strawberries are ripening very early and farmers' stands are already selling them (usually doesn't happen until late June.)

I also saw fireflies on Memorial Day, the last day of May. It was the first time I've ever seen fireflies in May.

We finally got some rain last week… not a ton, but at least the trees look healthier and the soil isn't bone dry anymore. I'm hoping for a well-balanced summer and fall… makes for great hiking in September and October!

The cold snap isn't sticking around for long… Monday through Wednesday look cool, but Thursday looks to be in the 80s with lows around 60. Summer will return in the northeast.

  1. snowbunny says:

    I had to spray early for japanese beetles a few days ago… they came in hoardes like the black flies earlier this season- they didnt touch my vegetables tho– and my peas are almost 5' tall! tomato plants are blooming, and green blackberries are getting bigger by the day- chives are doing well this season too. I had my first marshmallow roast with Ben(5) and Anna(3) this year, and the outing was a sticky success…..summer is here, and the livin is easy, fish are jumpin, and i dream of blackberry pies…

  2. Flake Fan says:

    I've never seen fireflies in May before, though I just noticed them a few days ago. Lots of them! Our tomatoes are huge for being planted in a shallow container, and they have a few large yellow flowers now. Our garlic is growing fast, I just wish I planted them in the fall. They would have taken off like rockets! The only thing that isn't growing well are the onions, still just a few inches tall. But, one can't be picky.

  3. MSSouthernGirl says:

    I envy your cool snap MaineMan. It has been hot a blazes down here. Highs in the upper 90's with heat indices of 105 or better. Noticed fireflies and black flys in mid-may They don't usually make an appearance until late June. Seems like everything in general is running a good 4 to 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

    Carrots, tomatoes and squash are growing like crazy.  I've been hoping for a short cool down so we can plant the greenbeans  but I'm not sure that is going to happen any time soon.

    MaineMan your map and predictions have been spot on for our weather.  I'm afraid you're forecasting that the south is going to fry is also going to verify. NOT looking forward to it. Already hoping for an early Autumn.

  4. TheMaineMan says:

    It does sound like you're cooking!

    Glad (for my sake, not for your's) that my forecast is holding up somewhere… June has not been very hot up here, but that will change this weekend when we go into the mid-80s. I'm also finally starting to see some rain after getting only 0.32 inches in May.

    From what you all report, it sounds like “nature” is a bit early this year across the nation. Maybe this will lead to an early autumn, my favorite season!

  5. Grandin says:

    All man one of my weak spots is strawberrys i hope they come out good this year maineman. Despite the cold snap. and fire flys i seen my first one allso on memorial day weekend. Less i was triping out or something i was pretty drunk but i am for sure i seen my first one on memorial day weekend..


  6. TheMaineMan says:

    Yeah strawberries are delicious. I'm really excited this year because I looked out back and saw a ton of blueberries on the bushes…. they don't ripen until late July but they're off to a great start and it might be a great harvest this year in spite of the late frost.

    Fireflies are very neat… they're out everywhere now once the sun goes down. I like to sit out on the patio and watch the fireflies and listen to all of the frogs outside…. makes for a relaxing summer evening.

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