An early end to summer?

Posted By: TheMaineMan  Posted On: Jun 23rd, 2010  Filed Under: Weather

I've heard rumors of an early end to summer… leading to a long autumn. Is there any merit for this? Perhaps it is a regional thing? I love autumn so it would be good news for me. :)

  1. Grandin says:

    Well im a heat kinda guy. BUT i love the fall as well love the change of the colors. and i can open all the windows and have the crisp cool air coming through my house. i hope its a early fall here too. from what i hear through my weather friends and u and fatherfrost fall/winter will come early and be long and cold and snowy. But thats how it goes ill accept ti with open arms..


  2. TheMaineMan says:

    Natural signs seem to point to an early fall up here. Plants are in a hurry to grow fruit and ripen ahead of schedule. The jet cannot establish a sustained period of humidity. NW fronts prevent a dominant SW one from developing. The jet stream continues to ricochet around me instead of going to the north like it usually does in early June.

    Of course it's only June and a lot can change… especially if tropical remnants start coming through.

    Would this translate to an early winter? Not necessarily… could just lead to a long fall.

  3. lynnbalderas says:

    to maine man its true im seeing signs of it here in the south predictions include a powerful el nino.

  4. TheMaineMan says:

    Just curious, what leads you to predict another El Nino?

  5. Grandin says:

    lynnbalderas said:to maine man its true im seeing signs of it here in the south predictions include a powerful el nino.

    From what i hear lynnbalderas the southern states wont see a cold winter like last season. you winter will be a normal one with very limited cold days. but the nothern states and upper new england area new hamshire,MA,ME,CO.. etc will see a cold and snowy winter. we'll see though alot can change though. and im with maineman just wondering why do you think there will be a strong en nino? Im not doubting you or calling u a liar i was just curious is all..  Cause Faith's sister lives in texas and her sister said the same thing you did. Faith is my wifes name lol case u wondered who i was refering too.

  6. FatherFrost says:

    I've given up on winter. If people start nailing the coffin for winter here shut this early it's usually gonna be a dull, boring, dry, sunny winter. Like 07-08 or 05-06. I wouldn't mind a long fall. Fall is actually very nice. Extremely colorful, cool days, crisp air, frosty mornings, foggy, cold nights, halloween (my birthday), thanksgiving…It's a beautiful and comfortable season. I wish it would hurry up and get here. THIS SUMMER IS KILLING ME! Heat and I are mortal enemies. I love wearing jackets, sweaters, jeans, scarves, etc.

  7. TheMaineMan says:

    :) I agree Fatherfrost, fall has comfortable temperatures, low humidity, nice colors, no bugs (at least here) and overall great weather for fishing, hiking, and walking which are my three favorite outdoor hobbies. Nice to just go outside and goof around with some friends too and not get all hot and sticky…I like sweatshirt weather too… an old man once said to me “I can always put more clothes on, but there's a legal limit to how many I can take off.” LOL  Only bad thing is that the sun starts to set quite early… one of my favorite things about summer is the very long days. Yesterday evening I was outside reading a book until 8:45 pm and I only went in because the mosquitoes were biting me… very nice and relaxing. It's nice to be done with college and actually have time to do some FREE reading.

    My favorite seasons in order are:

    1. Fall

    2. Winter

    3. Summer

    4. Spring

    I do like all four seasons though, they are all very unique up here. Fall and Spring are very short in Maine but I enjoy them while they last. Last year was a very long Fall though, and this year was a very long Spring.

    I hope Fall comes early for you Fatherfrost… you know the last time I was in Virginia people gave me funny looks because I was wearing shorts and a short-sleeve shirt while everyone else was wearing coats. I must have looked quite out of place, especially when I asked for jimmies on my ice cream… I guess you guys call them “sprinkles” or something, lol. Very nice people in Virginia though I wouldn't mind going back sometime. Ever been to Shenendoah National Park? Great place, I went hiking with my brother (he lives in Charlottesville) one Spring and you guys were about 3-4 weeks ahead in terms of Spring greenery. :)

  8. FatherFrost says:

    Mine are:

    1. Fall

    2. Winter

    3. Spring

    -50000000. Summer (<—-HATE IT!)

  9. FatherFrost says:

    Here we call them sprinkles. lol.

    In terms of clothes some start wearing sweaters in SEPTEMBER! Most start breaking out cold weather clothes by mid-october. Here in SE Va people consider 60 degrees cold! Lol! I wear shorts and a t-shirt when it's 19 degrees out but thats probably because I'm from Poland and England. One is cold and misty and the other is cold and snowy. lol.

  10. Blizzardlord says:

    mine is the same with themaineman, hate spring cause of my allergies, love fall cause my birthday is almost on the first day of it and that i love the colors and the nice cool days, and rakin

  11. lynnbalderas says:

    i checked theodore the famoust astromelogist and he predicts a three year el nino and a mini la nina in winter 2011.he also predicts that summer comes early and leaves earlier than normal leading to a extended fall season with warmer temparatures and clammy and wetter weather,also leading to a later than normal winter and leaves early.but it depends on what God wants as our weather.

  12. wjp2011111 says:

    Not trying to sound like an ego freak (super know-it-all), ( :)  ) but with this Nina quickly Becoming west based, it really looks Like the Southeastern US will end up with an extended SUMMER.

    An Early Fall may be destined for the PNW/Northern Plains/UpperMidwest….. and Maybe the Far NE??? 

    Oh, and Yes, winter looks Crappy for Me, Fatherfrost, and anyone SE of Chicago.

  13. FatherFrost says:

    Post your sources, lest you be discredited by default.

    Because over on AccuWeather's forum they have noted that there is WWB developing and the cooling has slowed a good deal.

    Almost ALL the models are showing this peaking next month and then warming throughout the fall. Deny it if you choose but that is fact.

  14. wjp2011111 says:

    Here are My souces, now can you post yours??  The La Nina is quickly strengthening, Becoming west based (as you can see),  There is a Cold PDO and Warm AMO, which favor a trough in the west, and a ridge in the East,as Does the Nina. No WWB I can see, and the GLAAM is plummeting.

  15. snowlover says:

    FatherFrost said:

    Mine are:

    1. Fall

    2. Winter

    3. Spring

    -50000000. Summer (<—-HATE IT!)

    Oh my FatherFrost, I agree with you 100%!!!!  I am glad to live to see all of the seasons; but I dislike Summer the most!!!! The only good thing about Summer is that…..Autumn comes right behind it:)

  16. FatherFrost says:

    “There is an interesting area around the Dateline and stretching to 170W with anomalous westerlies developing over the past few days. There has been a weakening of the anomalous easterlies we've been seeing all spring/summer from the stratosphere straight on down to the surface in this area. For what reason, I'm not 100% sure about at the moment. However, it appears there has been a disruption with the Walker Circulation as southerly surface winds scrape against the African coast and 850s pour in fom the east in the Indian Ocean while multiple small surface LP areas develop out of the tropical WPac and propagate poleward. Colder air temp anomalies are appearing along the equator along with westerly winds anomalies near the aforementioned region, and I suspect it has something to do with the -QBO which has facilitated the development of the Nina. It appears that the downward propagating easterlies have subsided in terms of making it down to the troposphere in that area. In the troposphere there has been some stronger developments with a N Pac HP in the subtropical region and responding to that we have anomalous westerlies along the equatorial regions with LP development.” – Weatherjunkie @ AccuWeather Forums.…..try1002124

    You are most definitely blind if you cannot see that the coldest anomalies are on the eastern side of ENSO region 1+2. Therefore, this La Nina (although unofficial) is tilted eastward.

  17. FatherFrost says:

    One can see the models are showing this peaking in August like ENSO events usually do. They are beginning to trend in the direction of this supposed “La Nina” warming throughout the Fall back into weak La Nina/Neutral territory with some of the plots going as far as this going on the positive side of neutral.

  18. snowlover says:

    ??  Ok………??  Come on FatherFrost; please speak english for us nonmeterologistEmbarassed  I have no idea what I'm looking at.  It looks like something that my Sydneypoopoo (3 years old) would scribble on paper.  Thanks:)

  19. okie333 says:

    wjp2011111 said:

    Here are My souces, now can you post yours??  The La Nina is quickly strengthening, Becoming west based (as you can see),  There is a Cold PDO and Warm AMO, which favor a trough in the west, and a ridge in the East,as Does the Nina. No WWB I can see, and the GLAAM is plummeting.

    You may want to use the newer map (OK, maybe you don't want to use it, but it's better to):

  20. wjp2011111 says:

    Fatherfrost, I meant actual data, thats a Model that has 1 in 10 chance of verifying.

    My Mistake Okie (didn't know it came out yet), but you're forgetting something.  There is a HUGE Trade Burst on the Way, and it can be seen in the GLAAM IND index.  This Nina is Strengthening FASTER than 1998, and historically, once ENSO gets to this point, we don't recover from it.  The Upwelling Momentum will skyrocket with the Passing of the Neutral wind VEL in the western regions.

    Oh, Heres something else.…..odisc.html

    La Nina advisory soon to be established

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