Unusual Summer Storms lead to Big Winter Snow?

Posted By: smackdown  Posted On: Jun 30th, 2010  Filed Under: Weather

Ok I know its not even July but I just had to toss this out there. Here in the Central Il area we have had some monster storms this year, severe/heavy rains over and over. More lightning strike this year so far than in the past several. Is there any thoughts of this wild weathers impact on our winter outlook? Last years snows where somewhat disappointing, so I am looking for some hope here!Wink 

  1. admin says:

    Hey smackdown,

    Our answer: “Maybe.”Smile We'll roll-out our 2010-11 Winter Outlook in late-August but this summer's weather events certainly have some impact on the coming winter.

    Farmers' Almanac Staff

  2. Flake Fan says:

    While I understand if you are looking for hope, but the pattern we are in will not last once fall comes. If you would like to learn more, I can give you a link. I guess for now, your best hope is to look for natural signs, if that's possible yet. Just enjoy the green while its here.

  3. FatherFrost says:

    Hm…One thing in nature that I'm noticing is that we're going into July and we're getting weather that is downright cool compared to what we've had over the past 2 months. THE SAME THING HAPPENED LAST SUMMER! And it happened a couple of times in July along with early fogs. The only difference between this summer and last summer is that last summer we were flooding and unless we get hit by tropical storms that doesnt look like a threat this summer. I'll be keeping an eye out for those early fogs again. One other weird thing I've noticed is that Cardinals are WINTER birds but they are still EVERYWHERE.

    With my winter outlook, I'm starting to lean drier but still cold here. Atown on AccuWeather's forums is forecasting a cold winter for the east as well as Theodore White, the famous astrometeorologist, he calls for a SMALL La Nina anomaly but forecast wild winter weather from the rockies eastward this winter. I have checked the astronomical transits for this winter and they do portray what Theo is calling for. Astrometeorology has a very good track record so we'll see. The only thing that I wrong with Theo's forecast last winter was that he forecasted below average snowfall for most of the east…and we can see how that went! Lol.

  4. Stormwatcher says:

    Where do you locate Theodore White Forecast ?

  5. FatherFrost says:

    Just google Theodore White Astrometeorologist.

    He has a blog on blogspot that has his forecast.

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