Winter 2010-2011

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I think that we will have a negative PDO, -AO, -NAO, and a moderate to strong west based La nina ( which tends to act as a west based El nino for the 2010-2011 winter. For the southeast the stormtrack will be over North Carolina, above average snow and frigid temperatures that will be driven down from the arctic by a strong jet stream.

Please visit for nino 3.4 forecast!…..eaE120.gif

Please visit for La nina/ENSO years list!…..1-2009.png

Please visit for La nina animation and map!…..ina(2).png


God bless you!

  1. romanian says:

    romanian said:

    It's out right now:…..-for-c.asp

    Have fun :D

    Romanian: What do you think is going to happen in the southeastern United States this winter??

    God bless!

    Romanian: check this site out…..qYSB83vA-E, explains the winter 2010-2011 just like it is.


    God bless!

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