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“The crucial areas of the Northeast look to be in a major battle zone, with the I-95 cities probably 1/2 to 1 degree above normal temperatures with near-normal snowfall, much different and much less severe than last winter, but I don't think they get a free pass. The front part of winter (Nov. 15-Dec. 15) looks normal to below, then a major January thaw may engulf much of the nation this year… similar to last year, but when winter comes back it will be worse in the Plains and Great Lakes than over the South.

Snowfall will run above normal in the Great Basin and the Northwest, the northern Plains, the Great Lakes, and most of the Midwest north of I-70. Near-normal snow and ice should occur between I-40 and I-70, and in the I-95 corridor. Southwestern mountains and the Deep South will have less-than-normal snow, though ice events into the Deep South, as far south as I-20, are possible.”

Thank god my area going to see good winter:p

  1. Grandin says:

    TheMaineMan said:

    Only one source accurately predicted my winter last year:

    The NOAA.

    Seriously. Everyone else predicted average snow and temps (including the FA) and only the NOAA called for dry and mild conditions.

    Almost all of my snow came in December and the first half of January… it looked like winter would be decent (minus how warm it was, melting the snow quickly) but then the snow all went away and didn't come back until one brief day in April… it melted by 9 am. :(

    Keep your head held high bro our snows afre coming and cold. remember what u said we wont be here typen about the snow. cause we will be to busy break dancing in the snow and starting snow ball fight  YES! lol wanted to make u laugh dude. And ya the FA folks predicted not as cold and not as snowy in my area and we got some good snows not like the past but it was good ans the temps were cold. but not cold cold like we get sumtimes.


  2. The Rickster says:

    Welcome. I'm pretty sure that is the weather forecasting organization that Joe works at. Check back from time to time on the Accuweather site.

  3. The Rickster says:

    Anytime. Would be nice if we could have separate tipics that addresses each of the reigons, such as South East, North East, Mid-West..you get the idea.

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