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Posted By: undercover921  Posted On: Aug 10th, 2010  Filed Under: Weather

I know we all look at the science of weather to get that information.. What about the forklore that has been with people before the science.

So does the same weather folklore happen all across the country? Or do wooly worms to large spider webs and other folklore happen in only some part of the country. Do different areas have different weather folklores in there own areas?

In the North part of Jersey I see some of the forklore around.


Large Spider Webs

and sometimes the critters running around more active.

  1. snowlover says:

    Good Question.  I've often wondered the same thing.  I do know however, that those things apply to Virginia.  Last year is when I joined FA and learned all about the Weather Lore.  I saw everything.  The acorns blanketed the ground.  I saw my first HUGE spider web, spiders also were plentiful in my house (as bad as I want a lot of snow this winter; I can do without the spiders in the house).  Never got my hands on a persimmon.  Lots of foggy August mornings.  Vegetables kept reproducing in my area!  Lots of signs that nature gives us.  I'm sure most of them are all over.  It would be interesting to see what signs nature offers to Californians:)  

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    I think it does differ. For example, when people down south see summer fog, it is a sign of a snowy winter. However, summer is always foggy up here just because of the ocean/humidity/cooler temperatures. So seeing fog in July means nothing to me.

    So I agree.

  3. Flake Fan says:

    “Will it be warm or cold?
    We cannot give you the details just yet, but we will tell you that it’s a very interesing one . . .”

    The FA has an article on this.

  4. TheMaineMan says:

    The FA always says it will be interesting… otherwise people wouldn't care… it's just good marketing. ;) There was nothing really unusual about last year's forecast but they claimed it was…. the RESULT was interesting but not the original forecast.

    Not trying to be a critic, but I minored in marketing and know the basic tricks. ;)

  5. Flake Fan says:

    Last winter was pretty unusual for me! We almost got 3 times our monthly snowfall, the mid atlantic got all those 10-30″ + snowstorms…what if the FA isn't saying that just to sell? 

  6. undercover921 says:

    Saw the video blog of Peter Geiger on this website… Which was good to see :) its great to some input coming of what he is seeing out in the folklore area. I do see an early fall of nuts, and driving up to the NY side I do see the leaves changing already and some have change already.

    I wish we had last year posts to see when ppl started to talk about the signs, because I know we are talking about the coming fall and winter. Is this early for even the nature signs to start seeing them. So does that mean the Northeast is looking at hard winter.

    I better get that upgrade new snow blower.. :)

  7. justin27 says:

    I hope the southern half of the northeast gets some pretty decent snows last yr the snow was either to far south like Phily, PA, Ny, DC, 

     or to far north Main, NH,

  8. Flake Fan says:

    We are starting to get leaf drop…but it hasn't rained in a month…and it is incredibly hot outside. Some patches of grass are no taller than a few inches, some are more than waste deep, and most silkworm nests are at the bottom of the trees, the only consistent weather sign we've had so far.

  9. Amseven73 says:

    I saw my first wooly worm of the year. I usually do not see them until September. I was on my way home from work and saw one in the street. It was black.

  10. Blizzardlord says:

    Amseven73 said:I saw my first wooly worm of the year. I usually do not see them until September. I was on my way home from work and saw one in the street. It was black.

    where do u live?

  11. Amseven73 says:

    I live in Owensboro, Ky.  I was telling my husband that I saw one and he saw one also this week.

  12. undercover921 says:

    So are these nature signs just early signs for winter, or stress from the hot and humid weather that some parts of the country are getting. Here in North Jersey, it has been hotter and humid this past month. It will be interesting to see how this plays out this Fall and Winter, is folklore on track with these very early signs like Peter Video Blog or has the extreme hot weather lack of rainfall just stress nature all around.

    I sit on the fence in hoping for a another winter like last year with lots of snow. :)

  13. coltsfan says:

    Hi, I live in Indianapolis, In and it has been extremly hot this summer like a lot of other states. Everyone talks about the Wooly worm and colors. I was just out back on my deck and saw a 1″ pure white wooly worm. I haven't seen any wooly worms in a long time of any color. Does anyone know what a White one might predict for an upcoming winter? I am hoping it means lots of snow! Smile Hey, I don't like the cold that much, but if it is going to snow, make is snow alot to give us something to get excited about..right?


  14. Ohiobiss79 says:

    I don't know about wooly worms or anything else, but Yesterday when we were at the Monroe Falls (cuyagahoa?) swimming we saw alot of acorns on the ground. Now it has been hotter than a pig in a blanket here, but we have had alot more rain this summer than we did last year, although it was alot cooler last year.

    If anyone from Ohio finds a perrimission seed cut it open and post your results for me. I have been looking for them and can't seem to find them, also if you see a wooly worm post what the colors are and what that means. Thanks fellow Ohioians.


  15. undercover921 says:

    I agree we are all seeing the same for early signs, but also agree and I love the phase… hotter than a pig in a blanket  So we have to see as the months come in.  You are right Ohiobiss79 so far no one I believe has gotten to a perrimission seed and open it. I believe someone had access from there home, but now that home was purchased.

    Thanks Stephanie for that cool phase of the heat we are getting, I have to tell my wife that one :)  hotter than a pig in a blanket..

  16. The Rickster says:

    Its been hotter than last year as well. We've had a good amount of rain (Or so it seems) this summer. Mowed the yard earlier and critters were comeing out of the wood work. Skeeters and flying insects seem to be worse this year as well.

  17. undercover921 says:

    Has anyone open a perrimission seed… To see what it looks like.   My Oaks trees are in full effect for about 2 weeks now, with nuts all over the fall now. Way to early still for me.  I can see I will be doing early fall cleanup very soon. I have already blow out the nuts twice.  Tongue out

  18. The Rickster says:

    I know where I can get a persimmon seed to represent us here in the south. Only problem is is that the property the tree sits on belongs to someone else now. Argh.

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