Positive AO will develop, QBO Spiking again, Heat Wave in the East, La Nina Really cranking.

Posted By: wjp2011111  Posted On: Aug 27th, 2010  Filed Under: Weather

A potentially record breaking heatwave from North Carolina thru PA next week, temps in the DC area could hit the upper 90's.  This is all part of the overall pattern, where troughing in the west leads to ridging in the Central and Eastern US.

A Positive AO will get cranking in 15-20 days, NAO will flip flop for the near future, predominately negative.  QBO about neutral right now, and is spiking very fast.  QBO will be Positive by October 15th.

La Nina is really cranking, solid moderate right now, heading strong.  A Kelvin wave may stall the cooling before it resumes when it passes.  This thing is liable to be one of the strongest ever recorded.  Becoming very west based, this thing is CRANKING!!!!!

  1. MountainManMike says:

    “how does one analyze an analog?”

    For me, I find the climate data like snowfall for my area during that year.  Then I compare different years that are also good analogs to find out if the winter for my area is trending towards a good snow year or not.  If the analogs show bad snow years, you will most likely have a bad snow year.  If they show good snow years, you will most likely have a good snow year.

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