Possible Nor-Easter Model Prediction

Posted By: interstatelover716  Posted On: Dec 16th, 2010  Filed Under: Weather

There's a model (I don't know which one it is) that takes it through the gulf of mexico, developing it on saturday and hitting us on sunday-sunday night-into Mon-Tue-Wed. I saw it on NBC Connecticut from meterologist-I think-Bob Maxon.

  1. TheMaineMan says:

    I really wonder what will happen with this… huge storm, to out-to-sea, now back to possible snow… it's crazy!

  2. PlowmanOhio81 says:

    Yeah, who knows. It seems like the storms don't get above 60% confidence until they're under 48hrs so far this season. But the model's have had this one on the pretty much same track since it was “released”. ????

  3. TheMaineMan says:

    Actually they haven't…. just a few days ago they showed a huge storm for the mid-Atlantic, then switched to OTS (storm only for the fish) now back to a chance of hitting eastern NE. Still inconsistent even at this point.

    Now next week's potential nor'easter, models have been consistent so far. More consistent than with the current storm believe it or not, but a lot can change in a week. Potential for snow up here Dec 26-27 looking good at this point though.

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