My Post-Blizzard Analysis…An Interesting Read! :)

Posted By: FatherFrost  Posted On: Dec 27th, 2010  Filed Under: Weather

Okay so here are some stats:

Average snowfall for the month of December in Courtland, VA is 0.75″ So this month is like…a bajillion % above normal.

Courtland's avg. for the winter season is 10″ flat.

So far this Winter we've have a total of 20.05″ here. That's more snow than all of the snow we got in the snowy winter of 09/10.

Snow Events this month:

-December 4th/5th: 0.25″ of Snow.
-December 13th: 2.00″ of Snow.
-December 16th: 2.80″ of Snow.
-December 19th: T
-December 25th/26th: 15″ of Snow.
-Total: 20.05″ (200% of Normal/Much AN Snowfall)

Snow drought facts:

-Length of drought: 4 years.
-Snowfall Deficit before 09/10: 40+ inches…
-Total Snowfall for Winter 09/10: 17.5″
-Snowfall Deficit after 09/10: 22.5″ (09/10 cut the deficit in half).
-Total Snowfall so far for Winter 2011: 20.05″
-Current Snowfall Deficit: -2.45″
-Notes: Last Winter combined with snowfall so far this Winter has nearly erased our snow drought in Southampton County, VA.

Other Interesting Facts:

-Southeast Virginia saw its first official White Christmas since 1947!

  1. TheMaineMan says:

    Very interesting facts. Glad to see that the snow drought is getting less severe!

  2. Flake Fan says:

    What I'd like to see is nation-wide wintesr similar to that of those during the little ice age! That would be really fun!

  3. TheMaineMan says:

    It would be… except we sometimes got so much snow that 75% of the deer population would die in a single winter! I love snow but I still have my limits (150 inches per year would probably be my limit).

  4. HoustonSnow says:

    I want snow in Texas please. Please mother nature lol

  5. glennkoks says:

    HoustonSnow, I live on the south side of Houston in Friendswood and we got pretty close last year in Feb. with a little sleet and snow mixed, more sleet than snow.  Maybe this year.

  6. HoustonSnow says:

    @Glennkoks I live in the Cypress area and last winter around the end, they hyped something up saying we’re in for 3 inches of snow…and we got just a LITTLE black ice…and and very sill ice storm not even a moderate ice storm…the ice was very minimal and I stayed up all night expecting 3 inches of snow lol 

    I really hope we get something this year. Even an inch will be satisfying.

  7. fatima20 says:

    yeah southeast virgini! represent fatherfrost! It was crazy out here wasn’t it? Yeah!

  8. Anthonypilone01 says:

    Where the heck is fatima20???
    been a while since we heard from him!

  9. Anthonypilone01 says:

    I hope this would include Maryland in this blizzard analysis

  10. KatD-Mo. says:

    Now I know where my snow went!  I thought Co., Neb., and Ks. took it all.  not soo!!!!!!!

  11. snowlover says:

    Fatima good to hear from you!  Happy New Year!  Did you get any snow this past weekend?  A dusting perhaps?  I was in King William and we got a light dusting Sat afternoon, and a heavier dusting early Sunday morning!  My first flakes of the season!  Anyway does anyone know about this Sunday’s forecast for the mid-atlantic region?  The local met says 40% of rain possibly changing to snow later Sunday.  Hmmmm a little early to predict snow on Tuesday for Sunday wouldn’t you say?

  12. buddy17474 says:

    Thw winter of 2010-2011 was a great one. The total for my town was like 12 inches, which is a lot for here.

  13. aufan77 says:

    I’m praying we will have lots of snow down here in Wedowee, AL!!2!

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