86 inches of snow!

Posted By: TheMaineMan  Posted On: Mar 8th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Hey everyone, hope you’ve enjoyed the winter so far.


After a slow start in December, what a wild January and February! Ended up piling my seasonal snow total to 86 inches, which is already 5 inches higher than my seasonal average of 81 inches. I topped out near 36 inches of snowpack at the end of February, which is quite impressive. I’m currently at 16 inches of snowpack after yesterday’s rainstorm.

We finally broke our streak of warm months, with January checking in at “average” and February checking in “colder than average.” Coldest temperature was -18F back in January. Total number of sub-zero nights is 14, with 4 of those nights being colder than -10F.

Needless to say, I’m not complaining as the thermometer begins to climb. I’m a long way from seeing any green grass, but the landscape is definitely  beginning to melt overall… let’s see if any late-season snowstorms arrive. Average snowfall is 12 inches for March and 6 for April! Wondering if this could end up being a 100-inch season!

  1. snoopystar19 says:

    Im glad to hear that you got your snow since last year wasnt that good for you , But boy did you get alot this season !!!! Awesome for you my kids are bummed we didnt get enough snow this season for them to go sledding . But there’s always next year :)

    Congrats on your snow totals :)

  2. glennkoks says:

    Its good to see that after taking a couple of years off winter came back for you in Maine.  I suspect that in the next twenty years you will be longing for the milder winters to return.

  3. MSSouthernGirl says:

    Hey Maineman. Glad to see that the blowtorch finally broke for you!. 86 inches is a lot of snow!  We got a record amount of snow for our area this winter. It was great!

  4. snowlover says:

    I’m happy for you MaineMan.  I didn’t fair too well here in Richmond:(  However, I am glad that the forum is back up and running:) !!!!!!!!  Missed you all so much.  I had no one to whine to about all the near misses we had.  Have a nice day Guys!  Welcome Back!

  5. Flake Fan says:

    Welcome back! Our snow melted really quickly, but it was nice while we had it! It felt like I had a snow “hallway” around my front walk, and the snowmen in my yard were almost completely covered! That was a FANTASTIC winter!

  6. interstatelover716 says:

    We also got a lot of snow…which is obvious. But I can’t wait for spring…which starts on March 20th!!

  7. PlowmanOhio81 says:

    Yeah, MaineMan, I was always checking out the radar in your region when I’d look at the big map. Seemed like it was always snowing up there, definitely jealous. I’m still waiting for Ohio to hit the big payout. This season was a bust too. I think we broke average, thanks to December and January!!! Otherwise, it’s been a pretty boring season with rain after rain after flood after flood for the month of March!!! BLAH!!! Now let’s get summer underway so I can break out the waverunners!!!! :)

  8. TheMaineMan says:

    Yeah I’ve heard that the flooding has been pretty bad in Ohio. I take a look at the NWS snow cover map every day, and Ohio’s snow looked like it melted really fast due to the rain and warm temps. Most of the big mid-west storms went to your west (Chicago / Toronto area) while the other big systems went to your east. However, it looks like you have a shot at some more snow late in the month and possibly early April as the pattern will flip for a short time, allowing some cold air back down… any storms that hit could bring some snow. However, I think any big snowstorms are done for both of us.
    86 inches isn’t too far above average (my average is 81) but the last few Marchs and Aprils have kind of been duds. Looks like March and April may be quiet up here, except for some potential in late March/early April. The ground is still frozen solid, and I still have about 12 inches of snow on the ground. I’ve had constant snow cover since December 22. Had some snow in early December but it melted before the December 22 snowfall came.
    Looking forward to hearing the peepers start peeping in about another month or so. :)

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