LRC Spring Forecast

Posted By: Flake Fan  Posted On: Mar 10th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Gary Lezak issued his spring forecast a few months ago, but it was more directed as a KC region and Tornado Alley spring forecast then a nation wide version like with the winter and summer ones. But generally, if you live in the Midwest or on the Great Plains, expect above average rainfall, below average temperatures, and a more active severe weather season!

“Severe weather season is arriving and with this weather pattern we are forecasting above average rainfall, especially during the second half of spring.  Kansas City averages over 15 inches for rain from March through June.  We are expecting over 20 inches of rain during these four months.  Which weeks are most likely to have the biggest severe weather potential?  Using the LRC we believe that certain parts of this weather pattern are likely going to produce severe weather set-ups:

  • April 4th to April 15th
  • May 8th to May 14th
  • May 22nd to June 1st”

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