Stopping Smoking by the Signs

Posted By: joycec1957  Posted On: Mar 22nd, 2011  Filed Under: Health & Natural Cures

My mother, years ago, stopped smoking by the signs.  She threw her cigarettes away on the day when the moon entered Cancer and was descending toward the feet.  She had no problems with quitting in this manner…no cravings.  In fact, she became very sensitive to smoke and it would make her ill if she were in an enclosed room with it.  My father, who chewed tobbaco most of his life, quit using the same method at the age of 72.

Remember, quit smoking the day the Moon enters Cancer (the thighs) descending to the feet.  This really does work.

Joyce Cane

  1. Farmers' Almanac Staff says:

    Thanks for sharing Joyce!

    For anyone else interested here are Farmers’ Almanac’s Best Days to Quit Smoking.

  2. DonnaWV says:

    I was wondering if anyone else has used the signs to stop smoking? Last post on this was 2011.

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