Geese flying north… sign of spring!

Posted By: TheMaineMan  Posted On: Mar 23rd, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

In the aftermath of a spring snowstorm, I saw a huge V of geese flying northward today. I was driving so I couldn’t really count, but my estimate is about 60-70 geese, one of the biggest single flocks I’ve ever seen. Indeed looking at the extended forecast and models, this week will be chilly for late March standards, but early April could end up being seasonably mild, making the return of geese appropriate.


Maybe eventually the ponds and lakes will melt so that the geese have somewhere to live? haha

  1. stuffradio says:

    They can come live at my house in Southern BC! :P

    Today I had 15 C as a high and next Wednesday is supposed to be the same again with a potential for a similar pattern for a little while :)
    I’m really excited. I also saw 3 ducks at my house a couple days ago.

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