Super Outbreak (April 27th, 2011)

Posted By: Flake Fan  Posted On: Apr 27th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

If your are old enough to remember the super outbreak, with 143 tornadoes, then I’m sure you’ll know this one is probably gonna be just as bad. So far there have already been 127 reports of tornadoes, and the night isn’t even close to being over.


This is Birmingham, a city with a population >1,000,000:


This is Tuscaloosa, a city with a metro population of ~210,000:


Please pray for all the victims of this tornado outbreak, and all the others we’ve had so far this month. April 2011 will go down at the April with the most tornado reports ever, with a total so far that is over 700. Annually, there are about 2,000 if my memory is correct. Let’s hope this trend does not continue through the rest of tornado season which has not even reached its peak.

  1. NTXWeather says:

    Here is a link regarding the April 27th tornadoes. I found some really good imagery of the system and of all of the tornado warnings that were issued during that 24-hour period. I have seen some pretty bad damage from severe storms and tornadoes in North Texas but nothing like what the Southeast saw.

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