Anyone brave enough to…..

Posted By: snowlover  Posted On: Jul 11th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Anyone brave enough to guess how the mid atlantic will be this 2011/12 season?  Heres hoping for lots of snow. :)


  1. Grandin says:

    Gonna start normal ang temps and precip. But faze into a colder and snowier as the fall and winter gets in deeper. Those are my feelings as of right now..


  2. snowlover says:

    You’re talking my kind of winter forecast Grandin. Hope you and your Family are having a nice summer. Thanks for the reply. Keep Kool :)


  3. Grandin says:

    Hahahahaha i knew youd like that snowlover. But thats what im hearing so far. Mississippi east will be cold and hella snowy. And me and the family are doing good just got back from vactaion from arziona. Had to fit it in before my kid goes back to skewl in august.. I hope you and your family are doing good as well snowlover. And summertime in the careli household is allways good :) And no problem on the reply. Keep cool as well!

  4. weatherman911 says:

    i live in the mid-altantic =))))))))))))

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