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Feels Like: 120°

Just for giggles i wanted to see if i could fry an egg and some bacon on the ground and it really happened. Thats how hot it is right now. it blew me and my kid away. Hasn’t been thishot and humid since 2006. I’d love to have a 70 degree day! In about 2 or 3 months i will yayayaya..


  1. fatima20 says:

    WoW! Amazing!By October since the winter may start early, you may see 70 degree weather in september. Way before October, especially for the midwest/great lakes. Usually when the great lakes have a bad winter on their hands they’re already snow shoveling by mid- september!

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    97 degrees up here with a HI of 107. Hottest it’s been in several years… we hardly ever go above 95. Record high for the date is 99 degrees.

    Tomorrow’s forecast is 96 so we’ll do it all over again…

  3. fatima20 says:

    That’s the same exact temperature chicago had was 97 degrees, and their same exact heat index was 107 degrees! Wierd coincidence!

  4. TheMaineMan says:

    I don’t think I’ve EVER in my entire life experienced a heat index of 100 degrees at 9 pm (temp 90, dew point 75) but what’s what I just experienced when I took the dog out a few minutes ago. Wow.

    This must be what living in the deep south is like!

  5. PlowmanOhio81 says:

    That’s why I try to stay in Ohio MaineMan!!! LOL Vacation down south is for the birds!!! I was hoping for a cool down next week… but they’ve already changed it from around 81 back up to 87 or so all week!!! :-p At least give me some fall weather please… this is just rediculous!!! On a happy note though… the 4 month FA prediction goes to the end of November now!!! :-D

  6. fatima20 says:

    that is why winter will start early and wil be brutal for many. It’s too hot here in southeast virginia alone!

  7. TheMaineMan says:

    Why do you believe that winter will start early? Because you WANT it to? That isn’t a logical reason.

    Currently 99 degrees, close to the record of the untouchable 100 degree mark. HI 106 today as humidity is lower.

  8. fatima20 says:

    It’s abnormally hot for this time of year. And, as well, the beries are growing on trees already growing full bundles of red berries, which usually grow in august! Plus arkansasdolfan is saying the same thing.

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