Wow i have made a disurbing find!

Posted By: Maxceedo  Posted On: Jul 24th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

(excuse my spelling)
i was looking at the maps and found something that will startel all of us in the forum. after much research i have concluded the climat for the upcoming winter, it will start in October and end in june

West coast- The rockys will be dumped with a wopping 220 ft of snow and ice! LA will get over 300 inches for the first time since 187212343 AD

Mid section- The northern section will suffer from Frequent cold snaps plunging temuratures to a bonechilling -100. the south will recieve over 100 inches of ice and snow halting all transportation and killing many species of plant and incect life

Great lakes region- this area will get the worst of it. along with temps of under -20 they will suffer from non stop LES all throughout the winter with a preidicted 400 inches at the minimum as well aswind gust of up to 70 MPH!! this will cuase the lakes to freez over for several years

East coast- they have recieved enough snow and cold as it is and frankely dont deserve any more so they get a mild winter with vertualy no snow and frequant rainfall XD

And then i woke and was mad becuase like all other years the east coast will get all the snow {:(

  1. okie333 says:

    “And then i woke and was mad becuase like all other years the east coast will get all the snow {:(”
    Yes because it was all a dream. Now go back to sleep and 
    some more.

  2. okie333 says:

    That was supposed to have an image of a Sega Dreamcast in it, between the “and” and the “some”.

  3. stuffradio says:

    I don’t believe you that the PNW will get lots of snow. They said the same thing last year, but we got below average snow. Especially in the lowlands.

  4. fatima20 says:

    Is this a joke maxceedo? If it is, it was a hilarious joke!lol.

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