Grading Last Winter’s Forecast

Posted By: weather411  Posted On: Jul 26th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Hey guys! Long time no see! I haven’t disappeared or anything just been very busy.

So last winter was obviously anything but your “typical La Nina”. So how did I fare when it was all set and done? Compare the official statewide ranks with my outlook below.

Overall I give my forecast a B+ I was off in some areas but overall my forecast almost mirrored what actually happened.

What grade would you guys give?

(p.s. – My preliminary winter forecast for 2011-2012 will be coming out August first.)

  1. fatima20 says:

    I give it an A- the only thing wrong was that the northeast was way colder like record lows and the same for the mid atlanatic. But you did great! How do you make those preliminary forecasts?

  2. smackdown says:

    Considering that the weather is so unpredictable I think you did great. A-B range is right on. I may change your grade if I don’t like your prediction(s) for my area this winter. ;)

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