Thank You All!

Posted By: fatima20  Posted On: Jul 27th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Every since I wrote that blog, asking membersand others to join the forum, I’ve noticed a very drastic increase in members in our farmers almanac family. It’s crazy how many people are finally now on this site! I ould like to thank you all again. This forum will be very active as this winter will be much ore interesting than normal. Looks like 3/4 or more of the country will experience belwnormal temps with above normal snowfall!

  1. Maxceedo says:

    I have been a member of this forum for more than a year but i was never really active due to school and other circumstances. i too remember the days of when there where some big hitters on this forum such as WJP
    and also when there where a large amount of people online(large for this forum). I would always come on every mourning before school to get the winter outlook becuase it is my favorite season. So let me also welcome all who may have just joined or have been inactive.(oh and fatima yes my post on my winter outlook was a joke i just always wish thats what will actualy happen minuse the negeative impacts of a mini ice age)

  2. fatima20 says:

    Yeah those werethe good old days. I’m in the same situation as you with school and all that stuff. Winter is my favorite season as well. WJP was a classic hit! Some knew him better as wip. He’ll be here after a while. Yeah, I had a feeling that winter outlook was a joke. You should make a map for this winter as well. That’ll be great! Chat with you soon bud!lol.

  3. undercover921 says:

    I agree winter is the active time for the forum. I been on almost going 4 to 5 years back then when they also had the FATV videos. In that time the list of people in this forum has grown. Will will see what this winter brings us in each of our parts of the country.

  4. fatima20 says:

    i remeber that too last year, they had a few videos, and they should in like 2 weeks.

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