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Posted By: jhutson  Posted On: Jul 31st, 2011  Filed Under: Home & Garden

what kind of soap do i put on vegs to keep insects off

  1. TriniFarmer says:

    i was told that you can blend

    2 cups of the hottest pepers
    2 cups of water
    2 table spoon of a mild liquid soap

    i saw this as an organic video to get rid of pest. Good luck and tell me if it work as i stumbled upon it in my research on how to keep pest from your plant by using organic methods.

  2. fatoldladyinpjs says:

    An easier way would be to blend dish soap with Tabasco Sauce.  It has the hot peppers in it.  You will need to reapply this after every rain.  This does work.

  3. MicahLiam says:

    dish soap with Tabas Sauce is the best  method i use it and it’s fantastic.
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  4. kansas12 says:

    Garden insects is the most comprehensive and user friendly guide the common insects and mites affecting yard and garden plant.
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  5. wanda duckworth says:

    would this work for roses as well ???

  6. busyBea says:

    I use tobacco juice.  Break up a cheap pack of cigarettes in a jug of water; let steep for about a week; strain and spray plants.  Also, can buy a jar of snuff and dust plants.  For a double whammy, mix snuff with any kind of hot pepper powder, dust plants; or mix pepper sauce with the tobacco juice.  Be careful not to breathe or get in nose/eyes.  Also there is a plant called Nicotiana-wild Aztec tobacco, which contains nicotine.  You can dry, grind to a dust and dust plants.  All effective natural insecticides 

  7. busyBea says:

    About products like pre-processed hot pepper, Tabasco sauce; these have salt and vinegar, which are plant killers; so, be careful with them.  Best to use the hot pepper powder, or grow your own Cayenne and Tabasco plants; after turn red and dry; put in blender and make your own hot pepper powder.        

  8. bobannapickles says:

    Hello, I brew 4 pots of coffee daily and mix that with the grounds and hit all my ants.  Not sure about the tobassco and soap mixture but I am very anxious to have more details on the ratio to cover a 40×60 garden..thanks

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