Snow Lore from Farmers’ Almanac

Posted By: undercover921  Posted On: Aug 3rd, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Here’s one link from FA regarding the Folklore for the coming winter season. 

  1. undercover921 says:

    Here are some fog highlights for August lore…

    Some lore info from the site…
    * Very thick onion skins or corn husks
    * Woodpeckers sharing a tree
    * Early arrival of crickets on the hearth
    * Spiders spinning larger than usual webs
    * Lots of acorns
    * A small rust/orange band on a wooly worm caterpillar
    * Trees are laden with green leaves late in the fall.
    * Hickory nuts having heavy shells.
    * Tree bark is heaviest on the north side of the tree.
    * Crickets are in the chimney.
    * Hoot owls call late into the fall.
    * Raccoons have thick tails and bright bands
    * Squirrels gathering nuts early in the year
    * Pigs gathering sticks
    * Frequent halos/rings around the sun or moon
    • Heavy and numerous fogs in August

  2. weaps says:

    I think persimmon seeds are also in the lore, but to early to start checking… thanks for the lore list

    I live out in PA and I had fog in the morning, I hope for many fog days for many snow days… lol

  3. fatima20 says:

    I see you have vast knowledge on folklore like me. Yeah, can’t wait for the persimmons. It’s probably okay to start the persimmon forecasting, as they change all the time during mid august and september anyway, so by next week, it’s okay to start the persimmon season forecast.

  4. snowlover says:

    Oh persimmon forecast this early?  Cool!  Not sure why I thought it was a bit later.  I need to find me a persommon tree quick then. :)  Fatima have you any fog yet this month?  None here… yet:)

  5. fatima20 says:

    no not at all. i guess irginia’s gonna take a few more days or so.

  6. sonnysnow92 says:

    Saw a few persimmons on the ground last week but thought it was to early to check them. So do you just take the seed out and let them dry??

  7. undercover921 says:

    My understanding you can look at them once cut, but its better when dry. If someone else can confirm that please do.

  8. smackdown says:

    It is easier to check then once they r dry. Sometimes the can be a pain to get open, I had to bite them to get them 2 split last year, gave my jaw/teeth a workout hahaha. Just dont bit them 2 hard ;) It is neat how the “fork,spoon,knife” form inside them. Later ill try to post some pix of what I get.

  9. fatima20 says:

    cool. Since you’re part of my team, maybe you could put up pictures of different weather related and weather folklore under topics written by our team. We could wrie about a persimmon forecast, and you could give the viewers a little info about the pics, and help us forecast with the persmmons.

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