Farmer’s Almanac 2012 cover: Get ready for a wet, wild winter

Posted By: TheMaineMan  Posted On: Aug 11th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Anybody else see the cover that’s posted on the main site? Wet, wild winter. Wonder if they’re expecting a lot of rain, ice and snow across much of the nation. Starts shipping in a few days, so we’ll know soon!

  1. Grandin says:

    I-80 south will get ice and cold prolly.  expect like texas i think there gonna be mild this 11/12 winter. and cailf too.. I-80 North will get some pretty cold air and in certain states gets some pretty good totals on snow fall. With the rest of the I-80 North states have avg or a little bit above avg snow fall. PNW will be cold then mild back to cold then mild winter with above avg precip. The moutains will get nailed with snow. Thats what i believe.. So MaineMan get ready to have a snow ball fight with me again this year.


  2. FatherFrost says:

    Wow Dan. going pretty warm for me, eh? I dont think the cold with be locked away in the Northern tier.

  3. sonnysnow92 says:

    There not going to tell you what is going to happen
    so it may be different than what we think

  4. Grandin says:

    im saying it will be cold for a huge chunck of the united states FatherFrost. But you wont get as much anow as the nothern sectors is what im trying to say. But im not weatherman so take it how you want. Just telling you what i think will happen brother.


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