Fatima, A Question…

Posted By: FatherFrost  Posted On: Aug 17th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

You live in Hampton Roads right? Well I dont live in some other part of the state. I live in Southampton County which is only an hour to your west. We have been hit by cold, snowy winters for two years here. In the Winter of 2009-2010, we saw 17.50″ of Snow. And last Winter we saw 22.05″ of Snow. So yes, the past two Winters in Hampton Roads have been “harsh” as in cold and snowy. Together that adds up to 39.55″ of Snow…nearly wiping out our snow drought here.

  1. Grandin says:

    Not really a question. But a fact..


  2. FatherFrost says:

    Well I was asking where he lived to verify that he lives close to me because he said I must live in another part of the state because VA hasnt seen snowy winters in a while. So I was wondering because I know…for a fact (lol)…that we have. :)

  3. snowlover says:

    Now I do know that last winter season we (Richmond) didn’t have much snow at all, compared to 2009/10.  Wow!  That year was fantastic!  After Jan. 2011 we had maybe 2 dustings, a bit of ice, but no measurable snow to speak of.  I’m sure hoping for more this year.  Can’t wait for the first persimmon forecast!

  4. FatherFrost says:

    Snowlover, which section of Richmond do you live in? I heard the Christmas storm dumped 6-8″ up there. Thats not as much as east of 95 got but its decent?

  5. snowlover says:

    Christmas 2009 there was snow on the ground by Christmas  day due to the storm a few days before; but last Christmas we got a dusting to an inch or two.  They were predicting more.  I live in Chesterfield Co, just south of Richmond and King William 30 minutes north of Richmond.  Heres hoping for a 6″ – 8″ this Christmas:)

  6. pearlss says:

    Snowlover:  That sounds about right.  You are northeast of my son who lives in the mountains.  We live in the Piedmont of NC.  Last Christmas we left our house about 10:30 on Christmas Day, and it was just starting to snow.  We traveled east to my sisters (an hour) and by the time we got to her house, there was no snow.  We left her house about 6:00 that night and it was just starting to snow and as we traveled west we hit the snow again.  It must have been in a corridor. By the time we got home, we were in the thick of it.  My avatar (look right) is a pic of our house the day after Christmas of 2010.  We had 8 inches.  My son left that after and as they they traveled north/northwest, the snow got less and less.

  7. snowlover says:

    Yeah…that’s one thing you don’t forget….snow on Christmas!  I hope we have a snowy, safe, happy, one this year; and I hope that for everyone of us.

  8. fatima20 says:

    Yeah, that storm on kwanzaa as i call it because i celebrate it and that’s the day the storm really cranked, it was crazy! We had like 12 inches as the coast got more snow than inland like richmond, but snow drifts were 24 inches! I mean fatherfrost you’re right that we have seen some storms but I’m sayingwhen w’re making a generalization of the whole winter, it hasn’t been bad most of the winter for the fast few winters if you think about it.

  9. FatherFrost says:

    The Winters overall havent, true. In terms of cold,  the past two winters being below normal 2 out of the 3 winter months makes them pretty cold for our standards. We got 15″ with 3 feet drifts on the christmas storm.  However, both of the past two winters have had one month where it constantly snows every weekend. In 2009-2010, it snowed every weekend in February. This past Winter, it snowed every weekend in December. lol.

  10. fatima20 says:

    Now, an hour away out franklin and stuff wll have more snow than viginiabeach and norfolk sometimes. But you may be closer than an hour away.

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