Winter 2012-13

Posted By: snowboi1  Posted On: Aug 19th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

I know this is a long ways off but whats everyones thoughts on the next winter of 2012-13?I hear its gonna be a much colder winter that its been in years.Any thoughts?

  1. snowboi1 says:

    Wow noone with any predictions/thoughts?

  2. Grandin says:

    wow 2012/2013 winter huh? It’s way to early to predict that yet. But if i was a gamblen man my thoughts on it would be Cold for much of the united states. And much more snowier in the mid atlantic states and in the upper england states such as maine/MA.. And the plaines and midwest and nothern plains. The rest will be avg. in snow and precip.


  3. FatherFrost says:

    The ONLY thing that can be said is it looks like a possible blip El Nino year. IF (and thats a big IF) that came to pass THEN it would bode well for a cold, snowy Winter for the southern and eastern sections of the Nation. However, it would also make the following Summer a scorcher. Remember Winter of 09/10 was a strong El Nino that was followed by a record-breaking hot Summer in the East, particularly in my home state of VA.

  4. snowlover says:

    Oooh love the cold/snowy part, :) - hate the hot, scorching summer that follows.  Good thing it is too close to tell.  Interesting none the less.

  5. fatima20 says:

    it will be bad as Ijust got the almnacs yesterday in the mail, and it looks very coldand sny for december ,an they’r preditin a snowy crists for virginia all the way up north possibly!

  6. snowboi1 says:

    Wonder if winter will finally last until at least early/mid march next year as it sure used to?

  7. 02mxzx136 says:

    this last april we had tornados around the tenth and then a week later  we had a blizzard that dumped nine to twelve inches.thats wisconsin for ya.i keep reading on the net that next year is supposed to be cold and snowy ina lot of areas of the u.s

  8. snowboi1 says:

    What about a winter finally going to at least early March again for South Carolina?

  9. Jayne1954 says:

    What about here in West Virginia? Cold and snowy? Or not. Thanks :)

  10. vade210 says:

    As Far as my under standing goes i think it will be Cold/Snowy for the south and North east like never before

  11. this winter coming up we will have el nino this coming winter soi will drop and having a el nino signal for the northern country bc the oceans are warming up the sun cycle is in the increase will effect climate for months years ahead and be alert.

  12. sapporo1 says:

    Well, an El Niño year might be just what the doctor ordered here in Colorado, the increased MJO factor during Niño events would be substantially helpful in erasing drought around the entire region, by the way, just had a nice big fat MJO event here the last few days, with heavy rain and snow occurring here in Colorado and neighboring states, some area saw up to 2 feet of snow and 2+ inches of rain in other places, collectively we record over a foot of snow here in Monument, however, that being said, it also kept on melting and then re-accumulating due to the warm ground being that just a few days ago, temps were in the 80s, this torn came on the heels of the hottest and one of the driest Marches ever recorded.

  13. sapporo1 says:

    Hmmmm, the typing is all out of whack there…weird

  14. The Rickster says:

    Bring on next winter…assuming we’re all still alive to enjoy it.

  15. AnnaMom816 says:

    The main thing I look at that can give me any idea in the middle of summer in my area, the northern IN snow belt, is the water temperatures in Lake Michigan. The warmer the lake water gets during the summer, the longer it takes to cool back down in autumn, and if we get the right winds and cold temperatures in winter, we will get dumped on by lake effect snow. So it will be interesting to see, even though all the shoveling and driving on back roads with 2 feet of snow still on them was not much fun in 2010-2011 winter season.

  16. tornadoes2 says:

    the winter is cancelled for 2012 2013 winter so get ready for a hot winter longer than normal winter for the great lakes.

  17. spellbound says:

    tornadoes back your statements up, put on here how you come up with your forecasts, what is your back ground??   And if it’s HOT in the winter for the Great Lakes it will be the first.  I really wish they would ban people like you.

  18. ShawnM says:

    I wonder if it will be a cold or very cold and snowy winter in the state of Missouri? Last winter was a major league bust!

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