who else is preparing for irene?

Posted By: weatherman911  Posted On: Aug 24th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

i live on Long island and everybody here are freaking out between the mini-earthquake and now a potential CAT-1 hurricane. who else is preparing for the storm?

  1. wayner says:

    cat one you will have at least a cat 2 there

  2. snowlover says:

    I brought the regular stuff, flash light, batteries, can goodes, lantern, lamp oil.  Reading “The Help” so I can possibly finish that this weekend ; (before I see it at the movies).  I think I’m all set, I just have to fill my car with gas, and head to King William after work on Friday! :)  Good luck!

  3. TheMaineMan says:

    I’m right in it’s projected path at the moment… hopefully it will only be a tropical depression by the time it gets up here, because we’re not really equipped to deal with strong tropical storms. I guess we would just waterproof the buildings and ride it out.

  4. Jayne1954 says:

    Please be very careful and very safe all in the path of this horrible hurricane. I think we will maybe only get some showers and some wind here now. Unless it makes a turn inland, but it doesn’t look like that now.

  5. weatherman911 says:

    well, i was thinking of going golfing sunday but i’m second guessing it. =) but anyway i am all ready to get hit flashlight, batteries, water you name it i got it. my mom and sisters going to a hotel and me my dad are staying in the house.

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