North America recieves first snow of the season!

Posted By: FatherFrost  Posted On: Aug 31st, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Summer’s heat continues to wipe out the South, but some people are already getting a taste of winter.

Montana will be experiencing its first snow of the season into Thurday. Snow already started falling during the day Wednesday in the Canadian Rockies and will continue in some areas across the northern Rockies of the U.S. into Thursday.

Enough cold air has arrived for snow to fall as low as 6,500 feet in Montana’s Glacier National Park and the neighboring higher terrain in Canada.

Between 1 and 3 inches of snow is expected through Thursday morning. Motorists should prepare for a slushy accumulation to create slow travel through Logan Pass.

Tonight’s snow, however, will not whiten the ground for long. Temperatures at the 6,500- to 7,000-foot levels will rise above freezing as soon as Thursday afternoon.

More significant warming will head to all of the northern Rockies this weekend.

East of the snow, severe thunderstorms will be a threat through tonight from eastern Montana to northwestern Minnesota.

  1. frankhutchens69 says:

    Remember when maineman said i was basically crazy for talking snow in mid-september…well…look who was right :)

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    Well, the high Rockies can get snowfall any time of the year, even July (although rare). Even Mount Washington in New Hampshire has seen measurable snow all 12 months of the year historically. Also, I said that the Eastern and Central US would have almost no chance of snow prior to mid-October, and I meant below 5,000ft  (though Northern North Dakota might have a shot). The western US is the one region that I think will truly see a cold fall, and they are certainly prone to September snow in higher elevations. After all, summer up there is defined as “three months of bad skiing conditions.”

  3. stuffradio says:

    Mt. Baker (a Mountain I can almost see from my house, but I have to drive about 5-10 minutes before I can see it) has snow almost all year long. It’s in Washington state.

  4. fatima20 says:

    Wow! winter storm tracking will begin momentarily soon!

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