Important discussion on fall coming and more!

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Okay, This is getting seriouswith fall coming. Things are starting to slowly deteriate even though you all aren’t realizing it all! We are going to be discussing a lot about things such as predictions, forecasts, weatherlore, analysis of things like la nina and lots more like posting forecasts and maps.
First, I’d like to say what’s going on!? I mean the weather channel 24 actually declaring frost warnings in the midwest!? This is ironic and most certainly insane! We’re talking about frost warnings folks. This shouldn’t happen till late october for most, but it will change this year, and in my understanding and opinion will break records. Watch when this clever and genious prediction come true. My forecasts are glamorous and many others such as fatherfrost, sonny, rickster, and much more. I will tell you why i think some will indeed see some snow by late october. Well, because first of all we’ve had snow in various placs already including montana, washington, and colorado. Second water is really cooling in the western oceans(east pacific) and this has determined our high boost of confidence in a bad cold and of course you’ve guessed a snowy winter from the midwest/great lakes to the mid atlantic to the northeast and to the deep south and southeast excluding the southwest and northwest. This is 3/4 of the country! Wake up people! This is a serious situation i mean the mid atlantic looking at the potential for snowfal in early nowvember and possibly many looking at a major snowstorm in early december? Come on it can’t get more narly than that! Ths will be awesome! I’m saying to get the cocoa, gloves, mittens, winter caps, jackets, blankets, heaters, tires, shovels and all that good stuff ready by late november as some will be seeing snow around thanksgiving! WE all need to chatabout this as this is something getting worse by the day!
Oh, and shoutout to fatherfrost on the snowstorm during the holidays for him mentioning this about southeast virginia as this is my home town as well! yeah southeast virginia! represent fatherfrost! It was crazy out here wasn’t it? Yeah!
It will gradually get much colder by november and many including midwest, mid atlantic and northeast will be dealing with some snowfall by early-mid november to start off to an agressively cold and snowy pattern. When we get our first flakes, old man winer will not stop, and it will get very frigid and snowy very quickly! This type of weather will be a normal thing afte a while just like how new york’s used to it and we’ll have get used to it and will because it will be harsh climate conditions this winter and will stay with us a very long time throughout march an so on, and we should get prepared after those first flakes. We’ll need to use bigger tires possibly very soon and a lot more precautions.
Also, maineman was talking about 30 degree weather in caribou,maine! At this fast paste some people will start to see good snowfall in october! It will no be pretty for snowhaters up and down the east coast! And boy is it going to be amazing! Breathtaking snowfall will hit the midwest, mid atantic, deep south, and southeast by december, and will linger on through march and possibly early april! I mean, doesn’t 47 degrees in the middle of september tell you that something isn’t right withe weather. Maineman’s already seeing 47 degrees in and around his area, he says. This calls for drastic measures as many wouldsay. This will be an interesting site throughout fall and winter with great discussions, as we see how it all plays out and pans out and what not.

  1. TheMaineMan says:

    It was 35 degrees in my backyard Saturday morning, with patchy frost. Although the frost was a couple of weeks earlier than normal, it isn’t unusual to have 30s and frost in mid-September. Snow would be unusual, but you’re only going to get into the 30s in September under a high pressure front which wouldn’t bring snow anyways. Saturday morning felt a bit chilly because I wasn’t quite used to it… but I just put on my sweatshirt prior to going up and smashing up my garage roof… re-roofing is much more pleasant in cool weather than hot weather.
    36 degrees Monday morning.
    Tonight’s low: 59 degrees which is summer-like.

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    And for what it’s worth… I also had 30s and frost in mid-September of 2009. That was followed by a record-warm winter. So I don’t get too excited about September patterns as far as winter goes.

  3. fatima20 says:

    for you, 59 is summer like, and for us that’s fall like!

  4. USAclimatereporter says:

    in early fall in new york city it is around 85 degrees

  5. Anthonypilone01 says:

    I have been told the same thing last year and it turned out to be a BIG disappointment for Maryland, got robbed by a lot of snow and hated the unseasonably mildness.
    This news, I do like. But after what happened last year, it’s like my Aunt would say, “I’ll believe it when I see it”.
    I hope it’ll turn out that way this time.
    Until then, I’ll be crossing my fingers, hoping I will not be disappointed again like last year. 

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