small update for me and sonny to start forecast #2 tomorrow afternoon

Posted By: fatima20  Posted On: Sep 18th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

okay sonnyand everyone else, tomorrow i’ll get into more detail for the forecast. Brief outlook:

It will be very cold, blustery winds, and astonishingly heavy and rather staggering amounts of snowfall for the northeast, the midwest, the mid atlantic and maybe even the southeast.

The deep south; a time, wiseegood snowfall, with cool temps and cloudydays and for all the regions listed above. Plenty of rain for the deep south! floods maybe!
Southwest: hot and dry(arid).
Northwest: very snowy and cold a well with very heavy wet snow may days for the northwest, southeast, midwest, midatlantic,an the northeat.
West cOAST(CALIFORNIA,OREGON0 OREGON WILL SEE MANY RAINY DAYS AND QUITE A FEW SNOWY ONES, and TO BE HONEST with you, very cold conditions. It will becold and dry for southern parts of oregon.

  1. Clemson_321 says:

    is South Carolina the southeast or the deep south???

  2. Cassidy says:

    Yes, South Carolina is the Southeast. Deep south is more like FL, Ala, Louisiana. Part of SC get snow frequently, such as spartenburg, greenville, towards the upper parts of SC near western NC. We live in Charleston, and its extremely rare for us to get snow since we are so close to the coast. I would just love to see cold temps for a change here. The summer has been beyond miserably hot, humid, so a nice cold winter would be welcome. It would be nice to have cold temps for the holidays instead of shopping in shorts. ha.

  3. Clemson_321 says:

    i live close to Columbia South Carolina, do you think we will get cold temps this year??? and what about snow also???

  4. fatima20 says:

    south carolina’s part of the southeast clemson.

  5. Clemson_321 says:

    around what month do you think we will start????

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