2nd Preliminary Winter 2011- 2012 Outlook map from the Weather Authority!

Posted By: sonnysnow92  Posted On: Sep 27th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

  1. fatima20 says:

    thank you again sonny for putting my map ideas on here. I didn’t really know how to make a map online to post on here, so i would like to thank you again.

  2. fatima20 says:

    as i was making this forecast i forgot to tell you to put stnning snofall for the northeast and mid atlantic as well, but anyway, it still looks great! It’s crazy how accurate these descriptions were that I came up ith, because it looks perfect right now.

  3. illinoise says:

    I think the purple and light blue sections are all to far south. IMHO.

  4. fatima20 says:

    i think it’s perfect as this wintershould be extraordnarily cold and snowy for most.

  5. illinoise says:

    Well I sure hope so, like I said their is still that potential for this winter to be “normal”

    Along with 08-09 analog, 1917-1918 has been thrown around quite a few times with many different forecasters. And if you have researched that winter it was extremely brutal, with gobs of snow. That winter was a benchmark.

    So who knows, 1917-1918 repeat would benefit everybody:)

  6. sonnysnow92 says:

    This is just a Preliminary forecast no one said final map, This map is just what it looks like right now and yes it very well could turn out to be totally wrong.

  7. WinteryKate says:

    Let me just say that I am in love with your map. It looks promising. =)

  8. Cassidy says:

    http://www.weatheradvance.com/category/winter   Hey everyone. I found this site while browsing around looking for the southeast winter forecast. Looks promising and I hope it comes to fruition. This would be awesome for those of us living in the south. I for one am ready for a cold winter after such a horrendously scorching hot humid summer here in Charleston. Hope it pans out!!! take care.

  9. frankhutchens69 says:

    For this saturday, October the 1st, the National Weather Service along with many other forecasters are calling for snowshowers right in my back yard…This will be the earliest snowfall in to hit southern WV since the 1970s.

  10. snowboi1 says:

    Hey cassidy that does sound great for the south.Frankhutchens69 that sounds great.

  11. fatima20 says:

    that’s crazy frankhutchens69! Didn’t i warn ya? And thanks for the articles illinoise, and cassidy.

  12. Cassidy says:

    Snowboil, I know, it would be wonderful if SC has a cold winter with some snow for a change. I would prefer snow, but, will definitely take a little ice, hey, its the south, gotta take what you can get and be grateful for it. ha. At least it wont be 100 with heat index’s of 112…. I’m looking forward to a chill down for sure…take care ya’ll!! Cassidy

  13. snowboi1 says:

    Hey cassidy i  agree.Winter from nov-mar would be great.

  14. sonnysnow92 says:

    I live in the Mt.Vernon area in southern IL and tonight in my area is foretasted to get down to 40 and tomorrow night down to 37.

  15. frankhutchens69 says:

    Yep..the National Weather Service for my area in southern WV is calling for 1-3 inches of snow here in the mountains tomorrow night

  16. ShawnM says:

    Similar temperatures for us tonight and tomorrow night too. I have a feeling im going to love this winter especially if it’s supposed to be more severe than last years winter. I mean we had a around 20 inch snow producing blizzard last February. 20 inches and that was without thunderstorms, I can only imagine how much more snow we would have gotten with thunder and lightning. 

  17. nysacra says:

    Hi how much snow will we have in the northeast.

    I hope this map comes true.

    What are the chances of a white Xmas.

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