Rare wolly caterpillar sighting

Posted By: TheMaineMan  Posted On: Oct 5th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

While going for a short walk today I came across a wolly caterpillar… rather rare in my area. I took a look… going from head to (tail?) it was tan for the first half, then black for nearly the second half, and a very narrow band of tan at the far tail end. It was  a very hair/furry little thing.  I don’t have much experience looking at these things… what would you make of it?


Other signs:

-Leaves staying green for longer than normal. Less leaves falling than normal so far.

-Pine needles are turning/falling later than usual.

-Weeds continuing to flower/grow

-Mosquitoes were terrible last week. Worst I can remember for end of September.

-Yellow jackets went away early this year (thank goodness)

-Extremely heavy dews each night

-Considerable lack of acorns this year



  1. TheMaineMan says:

    According to your post, the caterpillars say that Maine’s winter will be cold to start, warm late, and then cold at the very end. I kind of think the opposite will happen… we’ll see how the caterpillars do. ;)

  2. PlowmanOhio81 says:

    LOL – Yeah, that’s the way they are read… I’m not so much a fan of them because everytime I find one they all look the same. I count the brown usually as the “January Thaw”. LOL But you do occasionally find an all black one that just gets you pumped for winter!!! :)

  3. fatima20 says:

    Now, i’d usually say that you may see a warm winter, but i don’t think this is accurate of a woolly worm, because your area should get hammered just as bad as many other areas this winter. So, yeah that woolly worm wasn’t a good predicter this time around.

  4. ochester says:

    That a very interesting observation! though when i see a caterpillar I find them too weird looking, I don’t know if I’m just a tad bit scared or what not but i don”t look at them as up close as you did so i rarely observe all those patterns and I only notice the obvious ones like obvious color patterns on the body. I wish you took a picture for posting I got interested imagining how that looks like!LOL.Good job though, you are a one keen observer!

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