NO WAY!! 6 inches of snow at my house!!! more on the way?!!

Posted By: sapporo1  Posted On: Oct 8th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Yes, you saw the title correctly, it started snowing around 6am, and here it is 9am, and now I have half a foot of snow on the ground at my house here in Monument, Colorado, and it’s getting even heavier, by the time it’s over with, I may have closer to a foot on the ground…such a potent storm this early in October…absolutely amazing, let this be a comfort to those who are questioning it…winter is indeed coming, and it could be a doozy for many of us.
and soon, I will have all these beautiful photos I took from today posted, as soon as I can get them on the computer

  1. inteerstatelover7165 says:

    Butter Me And Have Me With Toast! congratulations, saporro!

  2. sapporo1 says:

    yeah, even I was shocked this morning, none of the weather stations predicted even close to this much, now we have around 8 inches, and I think when it’s done, maybe 9 or so, what concerns me though is the freeze warning in effect tonight, temps will drop into the mid to upper 20s in many spots, and that means that whatever slush and water that is on the road will freeze and turn the road into pure ice, I don’t know about you, but driving on a hockey rink raises a few hairs on my neck.

  3. sapporo1 says:

    love the snow, hate when wet roads freeze

  4. Grandin says:

    im jealous! i want some snow. it’s 81 degrees here. I was looking at denver and woodlnad park co 10 day it will be in the 70′s there next week. Your guys like us sumtimes get all four seasons in one week hahahaha. Take pictures for sure sapporo1.


  5. kspaulding1219 says:

    I’m soooo jealous Sapporo1. I’m originally from CO Spgs but moved to KY 6 years ago. I really miss the unpredictable weather you guys have there. It’s 81 degrees here right now and my family that are still in CO are outside playing in the snow. I need to move back home asap!! Post some pics if you have a chance. Would love to see what I’m missing out on. :-D

  6. sapporo1 says:

    Well, the storm is over for the most part, may be a few lingering snow showers this evening, but the damage has been done..and the total snow accumulations at my house…10 INCHES!! I took some gorgeous pics, and will upload them as soon as I can, so all can see this rare event…it’s not very often that we get a winter storm of this magnitude this early in October, so it was a nice treat, and it is also a sign that winter is not far off, and that we can expect some wild events this winter, and I believe this will be true for pretty much everyone in the US.

  7. sapporo1 says:

    Grandin, yes, huge temperature swings like that are part of Colorado life, it can literally be 70 degrees and snow on the same day if you can believe that.
    Kspaulding, you are from the springs eh? well then, you know how scenarios like this go, they didn’t get much snow in the springs, just alot of heavy mixing with some slush accumulation, but up here in Monument we got clobbered, and Pueblo as well, they got the heavy rain side, with well over an inch of rain.
    That’s cool though, to meet someone here who is from Colorado.
    I bet Kentucky is beautiful though, especially in the fall, speaking of that, I promised some foliage pics, so I will deliver those as well, I took them in Woodland Park.

  8. ukfan8812 says:

    Im from Kentucky and im moving to Colorado Springs in February!! I believe ill be living in the Briargate area/North Colorado Springs. Sapparo, Im so jealous..I love snow! But, Ive been hearing from a lot of different resources that Eastern Kentucky could have a doozy of a winter this year! Our local forecasters believe it could be a very snowy winter!

  9. kspaulding1219 says:

    I LOVE Woodland Park. They have the best view of Pikes Peak from right in the city. Kentucky weather is, on average, very predictable. In the Winter, we tend to be rather cold on average until a storm system approaches, then warm air surges in from the south and we get rain/ice/sleet instead of the dry, powdery snow we had in CO. The snow we tends to be a wet snow, so a really potent storm can drop 4-6″ of snow at most, with a high water content. Fall and spring are pretty brief, with cool and warm spells and frequent severe weather. Summer is my least favorite season here. It is very hot and humid here, with very little wind so the air is sticky and stagnant. This year, we had heat indices above 120 degrees for 7 days (not consecutive). In fact, my city had the highest recorded heat index two days in a row this year and were mentioned on TWC and CNN. Not exactly something I like my city to be known for. Haha.

  10. kspaulding1219 says:

    I guess I should have mentioned my last post applies mostly to western KY.. Eastern KY has typically better winters due to elevation.

  11. sapporo1 says:

    to put the winter in perspective, east coast snows have much more moisture content than us here in Colorado, except for the highest elevations of the Gore and Never Summer mountain ranges, which get 50 to 60 inches of precip a year, and much of that is snow, but anyways, let’s just say, that despite the higher amount of moisture in the snow…you could combine the record snowiest years of New York and Chicago both, and they still would not equal the average annual snowfall of Monument, Colorado, which has an average annual snowfall of 111 inches of snow a year, and some years we have been known to have close to 200 inches of snow a year on very snowy winters, which is the equivalent to the average snowfall of many of our ski resorts, by the way, if any of you know Wolf Creek ski area, they just broke a record this year, they have never opened so early in all of Colorado’s history, which was on October 6th, 2011, after recieving nearly 40 inches of snow on Wednesday and Thursday, the second earliest is October 26th, 2007, by the way, this also marks the 4th major weather event in the last 3 months, there were 2 major rain events here in August, the first resulting in 2 inches of rain in many areas, the second, a monster of a storm toward the end of August, resulting in 4 inches of rain in parts of El Paso county, and the largest in September, which set some new daily records with 3 to 6 inches of rain in El Paso county, and now the 4th, October’s monster winter blast with 2 inches of rain in Pueblo county, and 10 inches of snow in northern El Paso county (My house) which was so full of water, that it equaled nearly 2 inches of rain, needless to say…it seems we have slipped into a pattern of these extreme weather phenomena each month starting in August…could this be a sign that Colorado could actually have a snowier than average winter?…who knows, we will just have to see if these anomolies continue into the winter months

  12. dynahstee says:

    Sapporo1, I am so JEALOUS of u right now!  Plz post pics asap!  Well Fatima said that some states would get snow in October and that info. was indeed correct for your state! Will be glad when the weather for Norhwest Indiana change to some fall like temps!! Already sick of the Indian summer thing!!!!!

  13. sapporo1 says:

    Hmm, does anyone know how to post pictures here at FA? sorry, I’ve never actually done that before here

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