Fall should really kick-in this weekend! Then soon after winter?

Posted By: fatima20  Posted On: Oct 17th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Yes you’ve guessed a very cold and snowy winter has officially in my perspective been called for the southeast, mid atlantic, mid west, and northeast and shoud start for many through late october to mid november, and earlier for the rockies and colorado for many areas in general!
Now, the days are getting very much shorter as the winter holiday season continues to reach out to us and will bring snowy havoc for the holidays so you all may jump up in down in excitement, because november may be the beginning for some trecherous days full of snow for many many days this winter! Here, it has been pretty warm, with steady 70s lately and 50s and 60s at night but now, 50s are coming more often.And to top it off no rain has been significant here lately which will be the complete opposite forthesnow this year, because it will truly be terrible for snow haters but awesome for snowlovers like me! For the icing on the cake temps will plummit frigidly this weekend , with highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s!
Woolly worm observations: My grandpa has seen lots of woolly worms almost everyday, and continues to see them. He ha only seen one worm with a stripe of brown on it, and another one with brown all over. The other possible hundreds or more to say the majority of them have been pitch black fully all over, with very unusually thick hair and very big and fat bodies! Now what this means: Don’t you kow it! A very cold and sowy winter here! It has been ridiculous amounts of these worms and boy that a great sign for snowlovers and a bad sign for snowhaters! So the bottom line for this analysis is a very cold, yet long and even an unusually snowy winter is crawling its way here, with many snoweasters as I’d like to call it, snowstorms, and blizzards to come for us, accordng to these fuzzy critters, and the ofa! I will check the ofa, as i already have the fa! I’ve had it since august.
Mind you , this forecast is completely accurate, because there has been bucket loads of black fat and hairy woolly worms lately! Which foretells boatloads of snowfall literally!
Agai this is a  wake-up call and a strong urge of a warning that a bad winter is churning as we speak. My grandpa says he’s never seen so many woolly worms at once each day, and so many fat, hairy ones! Old man winte shuld be paying many visits across the country in the coming few weeks for many. This is a virginia woolly worm forecast and it’s supposed to be one of the worst for many especially in virginia as we should see some blizzards it looks like according to the fa and from what  i’ve heard the ofa.
Heres a piece of folklore for you all: There is going to be a white christmas potentially here in virginia and possibly in the rest of the mid atlantic as well as the midwest and northeast.And I know this because they say if:the field is ful of acorns on st.michaelmas(sept.29th), the fields will be full of snow on christmas! So that’s the acorn prediction, and the acorns my grandpa providd me wih wer abnormally large, and had a very hard shell coating on the top and the bodies of the 3 acorns were pretty solid to begin with!  My grandfather has also noticed that the fields were full of these acorns on this day! So white christmas and white kwanzaa potentially for many! This will be a great kwanzaa present for me this year, which begins the day after christmas, and last through new year’s with a total of 7 days!

  1. dynahstee says:

    @ Fatima20, I was checking my weather for the next couple of weeks and guess what it says might happen here in Northwest Indiana, yep you guessed it!  Rain mixed with snow!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this and the first thing I thought about was Fatima20 said just that!!!  Now maybe it won’t happen, maybe it will, all I know is if it does, u said it!!!!  Now all I need u to tell me is we’re going to have a ‘white christmas’ and I’ll be good to go!!!

  2. fatima20 says:

    thanks for pointing out that i was right dynahstee! if you had plces in your area with the whole area covered in acorns around sept.19th, then you should see a white christmas.

  3. snowlover says:

    Wow how exciting!  I think that next year we should remind all of our FA weather bloggers to check their fields for acorns!  A white Christmas would be wonderful! 

  4. ShawnM says:

    We should definately have a white Christmas as the acorns began falling in September. We even had our first frost in September. Tonight through tomorrow morning we have a freeze warning and we’re forecasted to have a widespread frost with lows around 30 or colder.

  5. sapporo1 says:

    Well, we don’t have alot of trees that produce acorns here, but if I see one, I will post. By the way, my nerves are jumping at Accuweather’s prediction for a potentially fierce winter storm here in Colorado for next Tuesday night through Wednesday night, they said if that Canadian high sets up and that upper level low tracks right, we will be in for a classic October blizzard, the type that produce feet of snow sometimes…you can imagine my sheer delight after seeing a forecast like that.
    Speaking of forecasts, NOAA has released their outlook for this winter…and I am going out on a limb, but that map looks like one depicting a strong La Nina…if my memory serves me right, we are heading for a weak La Nina…Moderate at best, and with that being said…I don’t believe that the bulk of the above normal precip is going to be confined to such an organized area, since weak La Nina patterns tend to be wildly erratic, I would say that just about anyone in the central and northern US has a pretty equal chance of seeing above, near or below normal precipitation, with the exceptions of the eastern seaboard and PNW, which are looking to get clobbered by many rainstorms, and yes, if you are far enough north on the east coast, snowstorms and ice storms.
    As for here in Colorado…I believe we will average just a tad above normal for precip, and a good deal above normal here along the Palmer Divide for snowfall, seeing as we continue to be in a pattern where large storms track just right to hammer us here in Monument.

  6. spellbound says:

    I would LOVE a October blizzard !!!!  That wouldbe so awsome !!   Doubt it will happen but I can still hope.  LOL

  7. fatima20 says:

    should be plenty of blizzards in november, december, january, february, and march! there will be plenty, so don’t worry, it’s very early in the fall.

  8. sapporo1 says:

    A lot of details to work out with the Pacific storm and whether it will track favorably to hammer us in Colorado, it’s still 5 days away, so alot of details can change very quickly, just like vain forecast for promised wet snow in the Great Lakes this week, which as far as I have seen, unless anyone has a different observation than I did, then it appears that the snow never did manifest in that region, but fear not my fellow winter weather enthusiasts, we will all get our turns this winter, the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, as far as I have seen, have never gone a single year without at least a few real good snowstorms, so just have faith, the snow will come, and I believe November may be the start of a much more wintry scene for many of us.

  9. sapporo1 says:

    Now, let me fill you cold and snow lovers in on a little good news for the coming winter…Tuesday into Wednesday, a powerful push of arctic air will fly down the front range of the rockies, and bring the chance of significant snow to a widespread area…not the Colorado Fall Classic that Accuweather forecasted earlier this week, but still a chance to pick up several inches of snow, possibly a foot of snow for the mountains, but that isn’t the big story this time…this time the big news is just how cold the air is going to be for the entire state of Colorado, especially Wednesday, to put that in perspective, the projected high at my house (Monument, CO) will be 26 on Wednesday according to the Weather Channel, with a low of just 10 above zero, now if that isn’t a sign of what’s to come then I’m a monkey’s uncle, so there’s good news for all you cold and snow lovers out there who share my enthusiasm for it, fear not, the winter is coming soon, veeeery soon, speaking of colder weather, the UP of Michigan and arrowhead of Minnesota are also expecting the first snow of the season, and if all this cold air pooled up against the rockies moves east without being scoured out by warm Atlantic air from the south, then there may just be a chance for some snow for the interior Northeast on the backside of piece#2 of the same storm that will affect us, as it looks to strengthen and run into some of that colder air…everyone send me some feedback on how this makes you feel…because it sure makes me happy

  10. sapporo1 says:

    So, Fatima, any news from your local news crews on the piece of energy headed your way?

  11. sapporo1 says:

    I have a treat for you all who live in the interior Northeast and northeastern Ohio, as I was glancing at NOAA’s extended outlook, I noticed Friday-Saturday’s storm seems to include a wintry mix or even light snow for Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Syracuse and a pretty good chunk of northern New England in general, so wrap your eyes and ears around that.
    Meanwhile, the NWS has issued a Special Weather Statement for central and southern Colorado, which includes the threat of the release of watches and warnings for heavy snowfall, especially above 6000 feet, which would mean that heavy snow is almost imminent for us in Monument, as a storm tracks over the four corners, it will intensify into a powerful winter storm, and canadian high pressure building behind it will bring very cold weather in the wake of it, highs Wedneday will be mid to upper 20s during the storm, and once it begins to wrap up late Wednesday night, lows will fall into the teens and even some single digits for some locals, with continued cold high pressure for Thursday, clearing skies, but highs in the 30s, and falling back into the teens again Thursday night.
    the weekend looks dry, but cool, with highs in the 40s and low 50s, so whatever snow falls, will likely stick around for a while this time.

  12. ukfan8812 says:

    Our weather man said we have a shot to get some mixed in snow flakes here in Northeastern Kentucky! I really hope so!

  13. fatima20 says:

    hopefully sapporo and ukfan get those supposed to be snowstorms. Things are getting ramped up with these northwest to northeast storm tracks.

  14. inteerstatelover7165 says:


    Quote from mah NWS Fcst. Disscussion. 

  15. sapporo1 says:

    The preliminary estimations for snowfall accumulations with Wednesday’s projected storm, are around a foot or more at my house.

  16. stuffradio says:

    sapporo1 really? That would be insane! If/when it snows, make sure you tape it at different points, post it on youtube and post a link on here :)

  17. Jaime McLeod says:

    All references to the rude comment posted a few days ago have been edited from this thread, and all abusive comments by that poster have been removed completely. Please keep things cordial here. We haven’t had many problems lately and we’d like to keep it that way. Anyone who repeatedly attacks other users will be banned.

  18. pearlss says:

    Hi gang!  Been off the boards for a while now.  But today is a quiet day here at work, so decided to check things out.
    Well, we have not seen even 1 woolly worm this year yet.  They may be out there, we just haven’t seen one.  Hubby commented about it the other day.
    The persimmon tree is coming along nicely and I hope to get a few, some where in the next couple of weeks, to open.  Like sapporo1, we don’t have many oak trees here to tell about the acorns, but one of my neighbors has 2 different ones that produce them and they’ve been complaining about all the acorns under it.  Personally haven’t seen that many myself.
    What we have seen this year is an enormous amount of crickets and spiders in the house and so have our neighbors!
    Our biggest indicator is one of my cats, who get’s tufty and woolly with the coming weather.  Boy is she now.  We’ve been picking up her tufts all over the house, and since she’s black and the carpets are a very light beige, it’s really attractive – not.
    So from here in the western Piedmont of NC, not real sure what the winter is going to do for us.

  19. fatima20 says:

    your winters are normally probably similar to mine,and just our weather period’s probably almost always simliar, as i live in virginia beach,va and your wintershould be very unusually cold and snowy like mines should be this year.

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