Cold Spells Coming

Posted By: whiteout  Posted On: Oct 22nd, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

According to

It cold get very chilly  in the East. They are not calling for snow though, just cold after some rain.

  1. sapporo1 says:

    Speaking of cold…here in Monument, Colorado…the Colorado Fall Classic doesn’t look to come to fruition on Wednesday, as the storm system looks to split into 3 seperate pieces, but we will still potentially see several inches of snow at my house, with the projected high only 26 on Wednesday, and a low of either 9 or 10 degrees above zero, how is THAT for a cold snap in October? Even highs around freezing in Denver, with a low of 15…now tell me that isn’t a sign of things to come

  2. stuffradio says:

    The real question is, when will it get chilly in the west in SW BC…

  3. whiteout says:

    lol yeah, in their Winter outlook, I belive they said it will get cold in mid November. You might want to check, i dont remember the details.

  4. fatoldladyinpjs says:

    We’re seeing that here now in Wisconsin.  The last few years we’ve had Indian summer right up to about Thanksgiving.  It’s been colder than usual with seasonal temps since September.  The geese, that usually fly South in October, left the beginning of August.  It’s going to be a long winter and probably cold.

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