final winter forecast

Posted By: sonnysnow92  Posted On: Oct 26th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

  1. Jayne1954 says:

    Wow! I like your maps sonnysnow92!! We are in the area of very cold and snowy,brr. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. sonnysnow92 says:

    Thanks but I’m no meteorologist.

  3. kspaulding1219 says:

    Great job!! My city is cut in half between the northern part in “Very Cold and Snowy” and the southern part in “Chilly, Icy, Snowy”. Either way, I would be happy!! :-)

  4. Grandin says:

    You did a good job sonny. I love the new forecast for winter 2011/2012..


  5. ShawnM says:

    I love that im in the above normal snowfall and very cold and snowy maps!:) Do you think there will be times when we will have below zero temps even for highs? February 12-15 long range forecast says atleast in Montana and North Dakota that they will approaching -30 degrees.

  6. snowlover says:

    Here’s to your forecast coming true (as I lift up my coffee cup)  Cheers!  Oh btw; I’m in the mid atlantic.  Slightly above snow :)  I’ll take it.

  7. pearlss says:

    I’m loving this forecast!  Hope you’re better then our locals!

  8. smichellecampbell74 says:

    Lord I hope it is nothing compared to last winter’s snow we got. But Thanks for the maps there great!

  9. sonnysnow92 says:

    Hope my forecast are right as well but I’m no meteorologist at all.

  10. Anthonypilone01 says:

    I like your outlook so far. It looks like Maryland will have much better chances for more snow than what we had last year because i remember the southeast, the northeast got most of the fun and such most of the time and we only had burst of snowfall that only provided from couple to a few inches…until that thunder snowstorm hits but after that, we haven’t seen any more snowfall since. But since we had so much rain this summer and today, I expect to see a from of repercussions as a result by having pretty much above normal snowfall.
    I mean, I do have a feeling us Marylanders will be having better with more snowfall for this year  :)

  11. fatima20 says:

    yep, some kind of snow! i think it’ll be just as worse in the more southern areas thi year, so very cold and snowy may happen even more further south than this, but still overall nice. Thi shouldn’t be the official just yet as we have plenty of time left.

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