Northeast snowstorm

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now that it is looking likely that a snowstorm for the mid atlantic and northeast will happen wat does this mean for the rest of the season because the U.S. is starting snowstorms so early? could it mean that there will more snowstorms than average in a regular season?

  1. inteerstatelover7165 says:

    06801, my town is expected to get ~6 inches of snow. which equals HALF A FOOT OF SNOW!!!!!!!!

  2. James011 says:

    My Town is calling for 3-6 incs of snow and it’s our frist snows fall :)

  3. sapporo1 says:

    Now, that’s what I’m talking about, winter is making a comeback, and yes, I saw the latest forecast, and several spots may get up to a foot from what is now being called a new record-setting Nor’easter, told you that you guys would get the same energy that pounded Denver, speaking of which, here comes an active pattern, as November will get off to a stormy start, as next Wednesday features an upper level low developing that may bring a pretty decent shot at more snow, and yet another storm into next week that bears watching…see, what did I tell you, this winter would be very erratic, it will not be like what most of the agencies are expecting, and the hardest hit areas this winter may very well be Colorado/ southeast Wyoming, the Central Plains, the Midwest/  Ohio Valley, and the Mid-Atlantic/ southern New England, that is what I am observing, and that pattern shows no signs of changing anytime soon

  4. spellbound says:

    We are under a winter storm warning from 7pm tonight til 8 pm tomorrow.  5 to 10 inches.  BUT will we get it or will it be over hype.  We will see. I’m hoping for the 10 inches or more.  I’ll let ya all know.  I’m in the ridges southeast of Pittsburgh.   Karen

  5. TheMaineMan says:

    I’m suddenly forecast anywhere from 1 to 6 inches tomorrow night. Yikes!
    The difference between now and winter… any snow that falls tomorrow night will melt quickly the next day (3rd day if we get a lot).

  6. justin27 says:

    We got three inches from the storm Thursday nite, and this Nor east er is supposed to dump 7 to 10 inches.

  7. Jayne1954 says:

    In our neck of the woods in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia we are being told anywhere from 3 to 8 inches. One source said 3 – 6, and the winter weather warning said 4 – 8 inches. So I guess somewhere between the 3-8 I just tell people, lol! Calling for some of it to be heavy snowfall at times and winds could gust up to 30 mph. I just pray to God that people will use their heads and not drive if they really don’t have to. Also I sure hope to God we don’t have any power outages either. Be safe everyone!!

  8. stuffradio says:

    You guys are lucky… I want snow in SW BC :(

  9. sapporo1 says:

    Hmmm, if it’s anything like the storm we had Wednesday, it will accumulate, but the roads should be fine, since the majority of it should melt on contact, and melting should also limit accumulations a bit…kind of like here…at least 12 inches worth of snow fell here on Wednesday, but because the ground was warm from the previous warm spell, only about 4 inches actually accumulated, and none of it on the roads, and I am pretty sure it will be a similar scenario there in the Northeast, since I imagine the ground is still pretty warm.
    By the way, yet another storm similar to Wednesday’s could potentially take shape next Wednesday here in Colorado…but this time, if there is a heavy snow event, it will be much more impactful, as the ground is very cold now, in fact, we still have some snow left on the ground, and temperatures don’t look to warm up all that much before Wednesday, and that means that if we do have another event like this past week, then it will end up snowpacking the roads, and maybe even shutting some areas down, anyways, apparently, the snow was bad enough in Denver to cause trees and power lines to go down, and 100,000 people were without power a few days ago.

  10. Meiliz says:

    Sapporol, I hate to say this…but a Nor’easter has nothing to do really wish the storm system that pushed through. They already got the effects from that the other day. What a Nor’easter is. Is when a cold air mass comes down from Canada and meet a warmer air mass on the sea board, when this happens they usually create a disturbance. Reasoning for this disturbance is because of the fact that a low pressure system is already in the area, and a high pressure system is coming from Canada.  Believe it or not, not all Nor’easters aren’t snow either, though a good chunk of them do produce snow. (Sometimes Rain…lots…and lots…of rain…) What they are facing in the north east is something that made my little jaw drop when I first witness the snows from a Nor’easter, sometimes they can drop up to a foot of snow…sometimes more.

    As for the snowstorm that could happen in Colorado this time, I hope it doesn’t shift east of you. >>. we like our 60′s here in Missouri! =P Also I’m sorry if I seemed like I was coming off as a smarty pants, I wasn’t intending on do that..

    As for everyone in the north east! You guys know what I mean by Nor’easters are beautiful storms. Hope everyone keeps safe, and everything ends well. Enjoy some nice hot coco, and be safe! <3

  11. mikej2004 says:

    Mid-Atlantic/NE snowstorm huh? Well not for Balt/DC area! Snow hole again!

  12. Anthonypilone01 says:

    Sapporol, I do agree of what you said for the Mid-Atlantic be very snowy for us this year because after so much rain, a hurricane the swept through here in Maryland, and an October snow…..this could be a sign of a very snowy winter for us.

  13. spellbound says:

    We got 8 inches total.  It was wonderful  !!!   Melting already though ;(   

  14. Grandin says:

    Take pictures people i wanna see the snow too =( and ya it’s just to warm still the snows will melt with in hrs of falling the ground isnt frozen just yet.


  15. sapporo1 says:

    Everyone, enjoy that record snow in the Northeast, and take as many pictures as you can, because just like our first snow here, before you know it, it will all be gone and you will wish you had.
    nice to see some good storms lately, and very interesting to see this Nor’easter so early in the year, and by the way Meiliz, I know what you are saying, so don’t worry about offending me, I am not so sensitive, anyways, what I was saying, is that a low developed off the coast of New England, and likely combined with the residual moisture from our storm Wednesday, and that little bit of moisture was enough to boost that low into a monstrous storm system, anyways, glad to see that everyone is getting their taste (or mouthfull) of winter lol.
    But, I think it is pretty obvious who is going to see the worst of winter this year, by the way, after that new storm on Wednesday, the Weather Channel is forecasting highs in the 30s for all the rest of next week and weekend, and into the next week as well, looks like winter isn just about here, and here to stay this time, more than just a taste I’d say, so get ready everyone…it’s here.

  16. jet2511 says:

    What do you guys think about the Hampton Roads, VA area this winter?

  17. TheMaineMan says:

    Well, it’s snowing heavily right now… and I’ve been upped to 6-12 inches. Would be the biggest October snowstorm here since the Perfect Storm (1991).
    Tomorrow night’s forecast low: 22 degrees.
    So the snow could stick through most of the day Halloween.
    It isn’t accumulating yet, but the radar is turning from purple to blue as I type this.
    Incredible…there are still leaves on the trees!

  18. sapporo1 says:

    The leaves are almost all gone here, winter is about here, and now there are 2 chances for snow, Wednesday and Saturday, and highs will be in the 30s and 40s with 10s and 20s for lows, here we go folks, cold and snow have returned to Wyoming, Colorado, the upper Midwest and the Northeast.

  19. TheMaineMan says:

    12 inches of snowfall according to the local weather station just down the road from me! I measured 4 1/2 inches in my yard… extremely heavy, wet snow so I don’t doubt that over a foot fell. This is the most snow I’ve ever seen in October. With today’s high of 39 and low of 22, it’s almost guaranteed to be a white Halloween tomorrow.
    To put things in perspective for nearby Concord NH… their winter average is 65 inches. They already have 22 inches (one third of their annual average snowfall!) and it isn’t even winter yet.
    It’s very strange to see the ground covered in snow when there are still leaves on the trees.
    I was very skeptical of this storm, but wuddya know it snowed a foot in October. The biggest October snowstorm we’ve had since the 1960s in my town.

  20. fatima20 says:

    yeah, i was watching this storm yesterday and some areas saw 2-3 feet!

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