Wow this is a disapointment

Posted By: Maxceedo  Posted On: Oct 29th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

well from what i was hearing a major storm track would be going through the great lakes area this winter….so why the crap is the northeast getting all the snow!!

  1. Meiliz says:

    You’ll get your snow =P The only reason right now that the Northeast is getting all the snow is because of the fact that it’s a Nor’easter. Meaning the low pressure system that off the coast, that was gonna bring a lot of rain. Ended up meeting a cold high pressure system from Canada. Causing the temperatures to plummet and bringing them snow. I know the friends I have in Central NY right now, aren’t too happy with the sudden temperature and change in general. Just be patient these are snow systems that “surprised” everyone. It honestly makes me think…how much long until the great lakes, Midwest and such get hit next with a “surprise” storm. Just give mother nature her time. I have a strange feeling we have a wild winter ahead of us…

  2. mikej2004 says:

    The Balt./DC areas really got screwed again!

  3. Anthonypilone01 says:

    mikej2004  Well, we will get some snow. But since it is still Fall, I am not worried about it. But trust me, if this was a colder season before this system came to us, then by the time it would hit us, this would be a big snowstorm. But rest assure, this could be a sign of a pretty snowy winter for us in Maryland this year. like you, I felt the same way about last winter. But i got a feeling we will not be so disappointed and we might have greater chances for more snow for this winter  :)

  4. Grandin says:

    cause the northeast is cooler then us. We will get our snows Maxceedo i promise. It’s only October.. Wait till the middle to end of November our cold will come in force and following that will be our snows. Northeast will start off active but with in a month the snows will dry up and it wont be as snowy as they think. EXPECT in the upper england states. Enjoy it now while it lasts Northeast.. And ill man up i said it wasn’t gonna snow this weekend in the northeast and i was wrong so im sorry im no weatherman by far but gotta give me credit alor of my predicts come true. I do no Boston/NYC/etc arent getting snow it’s all rain with SOME flakes mixed in. But inland it’s snowing. It will all melt though but wednesday. SO TAKE PICTURES PEOPLE! I need to see some snow im going through withdraws over here. Thanx =)


  5. fatima20 says:

    this winter will be hectictly awesome!

  6. fatima20 says:

    just a rae and rather knarly event guys!

  7. USAclimatereporter says:

    we did not really get much snow acctually in nyc this winter

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