Do you guys think that winter 2011-2012 for the Great Lakes has been cancelled?

Posted By: Rodney1974  Posted On: Nov 7th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

Hello everyone.
First, let me introduce myself. My name is Rodney1974, and this is my first post I am making for the Farmers Alamnac Forum. Second, based on the other posts I have been reading in the past week or so, I am very concerned quite frankly that we may not have any winter this year in the Great Lakes at all. every time the meteorologists have promised a big cool down, it either gets postponed or it is short lived. Yes, I am indeed a snow lover.

Third, both Accuweather and Joe Batsardi from Weatherbell are predicting that in mid-late November, Chicago should turn much colder around here. Yet, lately, I have been looking at both the GFS ensembles and the ECMWF, and they continue to keep pushing back the cold time after time after time. Therefore, I am so scared that this upcoming winter of 2011-2012 could be a repeat of the winters of either  1999-2000 or 2001-2002, and we all know what these types of winters turned out to be. Reason being: both of those winters started out with unusually warm Novembers (akin to this one); they had either neutral or weak to moderate El Nino conditions, and the cold that was promised for both of those winters kept on being postponed all the way until either March or April in those years.

One thing I can hope to God for is to have Mother Nature produce a Greenland blocking Pattern so we can finally get some cold and snow around here. Otherwise,  I am afraid to say  that all is lost. Thank you and have a great day.

  1. 02mxzx136 says:

    it’s only november 7th calm down it will come.i think people in the southeast and mid-atlantic may not see it for a while.yes it is a headache to watch the models keep pushing back the really hasn’t been to warm here,mostly 40′s and 50′s here the last few weeks.good thing this year is week to moderate la nina.also a met i follow on the web who lives on the keweenaw penninsula in upper michigan,mentioned that in winters past when they hadn’t seen measurable snow before 11-10 that they had record snows those years.two examples he used were 95′-96′ when they saw over 350″ and 78′-79′ when michigan had it’s highest snow total ever of 390″.i’m sure you know what the winter of 78′-79′ was like for chicago

  2. Rodney1974 says:

    Oops..I meant La Nina, not El Nino in my post. My mistake.

  3. fatima20 says:

    not cancelled for sure ese’! Things will get cranking later on maybe early december, but mother nature won’t stop with cold temps and severe snowstorms and blizzards for the midwest, southeast, deep south, northeast, mid atlantic, colorado, and northwest so just get ready for a long winter which will last longer than normal, since we’ll start later than normal!

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