Cold and snowy winter (2011-2012)’s not cancelled AMIGOS!

Posted By: fatima20  Posted On: Nov 8th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

not cancelled for sure ese’! Things will get cranking later on maybe early december, but mother nature won’t stop with cold temps and severe snowstorms and blizzards for the midwest, southeast, deep south, northeast, mid atlantic, colorado, and northwest so just get ready for a long winter which will last longer than normal, since we’ll start later than normal! Get ready all, as bad snowstorms will start to break loose in early december through early april for once for a long winter ahead of brutal snowfall and very cold temps breaking records all over the southeast, northeast, mid atlantic, midwest, deep south, northwest, and colorado! Even jacksonville, fl may see 30 degree weather or even colder days many days with possible flurries for several occasions! So, if florida gets hammered with cold and flurries then the deep south, southeast, northeast, mid atlantic, mid west, colorado, and northwest should should have ironic snowfall and cold record breakers of temps across these regions and i’m pretty confident of a bad cold and snowy winter should shape for all of these regions by december. This forecast is guaranteed to happen i think in my opinion! so all in these areas above, get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. fatima20 says:

    Also, things should be changing within a few weeks for many as snow and cold should return for the late fall and winter. Also, our first frost was a week and some change early. And, we’ve had very thick fogs for the past couple of days for sure here in Southeast,Virginia!

  2. snowboi1 says:

    Hey fatima i just pray were cold at night and chilly/cold til at least mid march as its been some years since that happened here near the Horry County area of South Carolina.Hope we get more than 8-10 inches of snow also.

  3. snowboi1 says:

    Meant chilly/cold in daytime also til mid march.

  4. Anthonypilone01 says:

    This sounds great for the mid atlantic region. it sounds too good to be true. But i like it so far. I just hope you are right about this.
    Because I pray for it every night now, praying god to give us a nice, snowy winter.

  5. stuffradio says:

    lol, I was going to say the same thing. I don’t think there is such a thing as ironic snowfall :)

  6. sapporo1 says:

    How about hilarious snowfall amounts?? of the kind that you just laugh at because it’s just flat unbelievable…lol, anyways, I haven’t posted in a while, it’s been busy, so I haven’t had alot of time to come here…so how is everyone?…I see that there is some snow falling in Chicago…I told y’all it was coming, I knew that you would get at least a little snow out of that, or perhaps more than a little, I know several areas in the Midwest got it pretty good, especially Wisconsin.
    Well, sadly, no good news to report here, that low was not as organized when it moved into Colorado, it brought pathetic snowfall to the mountains, then strengthened a little bit, and hit far southern Colorado pretty hard, Trinidad and all of southern Las Animas county saw 7 to 14 inches of snow…but to my shock…hardly a falke fell here on the Palmer Divide, oh well, there’s always next time…winter is here, but we have a long winter to go, and plenty of snow coming, so like Fatima said, nobody should start getting pessimistic just yet, as true winter hasn’t even started yet, and DJF look to be pretty active for storms and cold snaps, so don’t sell your shovels just yet lol

  7. 02mxzx136 says:

    here at my house in wisc i say 2-2.5″ but 40 min w saw 5-6″ and areas furher north say almost a foot.i see the cold for the east keeps getting pushed back.more thoughts are that the mid-atlantic on south will only see 1-2 days of slightly below temps followed by more prolonged warmth maybe half way through december or even later.who knows for sure,forecast models change to much past 5-7 days so anything can happen,also read that the la nina is starting to strengthen towards moderate teritory and may be there by winter.will this year be more typical la nina unlike last year?

  8. ShawnM says:

    Fatima, the Farmer’s Almanac says stormy sometime during March 4-7. Do you think they mean a very bad winter storm of some sort? Maybe a snowstorm during that time? Missouri is in that part of the long range forecast.

  9. 02mxzx136 says:

    from what i’ve been reading on other forums it looks like winter may not show it’s self very much through mid december in the se and ma.the se ridge looks to be stronger than last year,been hearing 07′-08′ as a strong example and 08′-09′,which were both good years for my area.some are even saying the warmth will creep my way periodically but not much far this month we have been about 2  degrees above normal,which is not bad compared to other places east of me,but with temps forcast to be 6-8 degrees below normal around thanksgiving,we may just finish the month normal or just below average.the last 2 days here have been in the mid-upper 30′s for highs and mid 20′s for lows.but forecast for sat- mon see’s temps climb into the upper 40′s which is around 5 degrees above normal.then temps drop to average and below average for the rest of the week and weekend.the long range forecast shows our temps really take a dive a couple days before thanksgiving.highs in the mid-upper 20′s and lows in the mid teens.hopefully more sustained cold will get further south and east by late dec. early jan. and stay through april.looks like it may be another rollercoaster for most.

  10. fatima20 says:

    yes SHAWN M, i do! Also, what i mean by ironic snowfall, is unexpected amounts as in big snowfalls! lol.

  11. sapporo1 says:

    Yeah, it does appear as though we will all have to be patient for those big snows that we all want so badly, here in Monument, we have slipped into that typical mid-November pattern where we have a pretty long spell of dry weather and downsloping winds…this is typical in Colorado in November, we will have a few weeks of near normal temps and little precipitation on the east side of the state, with heavy snows for the ski resorts, but around Thanksgiving, the pattern shifts and we normally go straight into a stormy, upsloping pattern which includes some good snows that stick around, as well as the first real frigid air masses of the year, until then though, I don’t see any significant chances of snow here, just some brief periods of flurries here and there, otherwise, highs mainly in the 40s with some 50s in there on downsloping days, and the typical dryness that ensues during mid-November, but I will say, they are getting some pretty insane blizzards in the mountains, in fact, some of the ski resorts just picked up around 18 inches of snow, so they are doing well, but EVERYONE beware of what’s to come around mid-December, because it’s going to get rough, in fact, the average high around my house in December is 38, with 12 being the average low, and we average around 39 inches of snow during the month of December.

  12. fatima20 says:

    things will change within a few eeks i promise guys!

  13. floyd3 says:

    fatima20 is right, the last couple of gfs models show wave after wave of cold shots for the entire country especially the east starting the last couple days of november and carrying on into december.

  14. HoustonSnow says:

    I heard wverything’s gonna ramp up around thanksgiving. According to my local weatherman on KHOU 11 news….that blob of artic cold air that’s building up in canada and especially Alaska will soon filter down into the US around thanksgiving…towards the end of November.

  15. Anthonypilone01 says:

    Your words are comforting, unlike some of the other stupid models and other so-called weather folks say and such. I pretty much trust your word for snowfall in the mid-atlantic region :)

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