Record lows broken in Alaska for first time since 1994

Posted By: TheMaineMan  Posted On: Nov 19th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

I don’t know if anybody else heard about it, but I guess Alaska is seeing some temperatures that are cold even by their hardy standards. Fairbanks has already gone below -40F this week, and the coldest recorded temperature last week was -54F which broke a record for the day. Daytime highs around -30F.


It’s been awhile since Alaska has seen these kinds of temperatures in November… do you guys think this will translate to some colder air for us, or will it stay up in the arctic?

  1. KatD says:

    yikes. I don’t want that kind of cold here! Fairbanks is famous for cold weather… even up there.

    good question, is that stuff coming this way? hopefully it will warm up a tad before it hits the lower 48? brrrrrr….

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