possible rain snow mix for the ohio valley for the nov 27 thru the 30 th

Posted By: adogg30  Posted On: Nov 20th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

I  was watching my  local met. yesterday night. he said with in the next 7 to 10 days we  could see our first cold air of the year. the interesting part was that there will be a low pressure system coming up from the gulf of Mexico and redevelop over the Ohio valley that will start off as rain and turn into snow. if any body can see this on their computer models? and if so is this a going to be a strong low pressure or weak Low pressure , with more rain or more snow.

  1. inteerstatelover7165 says:

    what area are you in? That might help solve your question.

  2. KatD says:

    My extended forecast (central Mo.) popped up with snow for the 1st and/or the 3rd of Dec. :) I’m excited.
    one site says the Dec 1 an other says the 3rd. odd, but hay snow IS in my forecast!

  3. Dchris2010 says:

    Adogg i am also for the Toledo area as well but atm it appears that we could see our coldest air so far but the precip im not to sure about yet.  We definitely have something to watch over the next few days.

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